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"Transform Your Future With The Society eTEAM Program!"

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9/3/09 Interview with Michael Russer

Russer Communications
1124 Las Olas Ave, Suite 100
Santa Barbara, CA 93109

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Alliance Announcement

  1. The Real Estate CyberSpace Society has formed an alliance with "Mr. Internet®," Michael Russer, to create the Society eTEAMs for Society members.
  2. The teams will be open to Society members exclusively.

Explanation of the eTEAMs Concept

  1. An eTEAM is a collaborative, peer-based coaching group in which a group of people in the same industry come together to tap into their collective IQ and creativity for a specific purpose.
  2. In the case of Society members, the groups will focus on real estate sales for the purpose of dominating members’ respective online competition.
  3. Teams will be facilitated in a way to help members implement what they learn in the comprehensive training; a goal is to make the business serve the agent, not vice versa.
  4. eTEAMs can be called the Navy SEALS of doing business because of their dedication, training and cooperation; potential group members have to apply—in fairness to the group, only people with absolute commitment are accepted.

What eTEAMs Cover

  1. The program picks up on the need to help people implement what they learn; there is a lot of training available about doing business online but very little appropriate implementation.
  2. The eTEAM approach is rooted in Russer’s original creation of the NAR ePro designation, which he carried further through his own Online Dominance program; the advanced Online Dominance program is part of the eTEAM process.
  3. Online Dominance is like a graduate course in how to be successful online; it includes ways to utilize virtual assistants and virtual consultants to support business generated online.
  4. The "Clicks to Closes" phase covers everything from defining a target market to developing a powerful niche web site; eTEAM members must agree to focus on at least one target market—only agents who target a niche can really be successful online.
  5. Technology is important as a vehicle, but the true core of the program is understanding human online behavior.
  6. Society eTEAMs will be an important means for meeting the Society’s goal of boosting the median annual income of all Society members up from a current median of $162,000 to $250,000 by the end of next year; the median income for the industry in general is under $49,000.
  7. eTEAM members will track all of their online activity with an easy tool that measures important metrics such as online income and return-on-investment; this Success Tracker will actually calculate what each online inquiry is worth.

Interplay of the Team

  1. The facilitator is trained to help group members go through brainstorming exercises at every weekly virtual meeting; the process stimulates creativity, and members are able to flesh out their own ideas on how to dominate their particular niche.
  2. Each member benefits from the collective support, IQ and creativity of the group; no team member has to figure out what to do by themselves; a support system like this is not available any place else.
  3. eTEAMs are being launched all over the world because the process works powerfully.

Results for Team Members

  1. Almost immediately, members see a much higher conversion rate because they learn to speak the language of online consumers; members get email and web scripts that work to engage leads.
  2. Longer term, members build a web presence that is highly targeted to make them THE dominant player in their chosen niche.

Requirement to Become a Team Member

  1. The requirements to join a team are the things that cannot be taught—attitude and commitment; level of experience and technical proficiency do not matter; of course team members must be willing to collaborate with others and be an active Society member.
  2. Russer filters for people who want to have a business that they eventually can sell (not just to have a job); how to create equity and an exit strategy and how to build systems using virtual assistants and virtual consultants are matters that are addressed.
  3. Teams are limited to about ten members—a launch involves the creation of multiple eTEAMs; what goes on within a team is kept confidential.
  4. No two members on one team can be in the same geographic market, so members can share insights and solutions without risk; Society members from the same geographic area will be assigned to different Society eTEAMs.
  5. A team member can be asked to leave a team if he or she accumulates nine strikes within any one-month period; missing a meeting, for example, is worth three strikes.
  6. One of the conditions of being on a team is to implement what is learned—implementation is tracked; failure to do the work or failure to contribute to the group accumulates strikes.
  7. eTEAMs is unique in enforcing accountability to the point of removing people from the program; Society members who join an eTEAM will sign an agreement with the Society that lays out the special privileges, responsibilities and consequences.

How to Participate

  1. The Society’s eTEAM launch will be held on Sept. 17, 2009; Society members need to register for this 90-minute webinar; it will not be recorded for listening later.
  2. The webinar will cover why many agents fail online and what to do about it, the power of having a niche business, and how to use virtual assistants/consultants effectively; such practical matters as scripts for converting leads and a recommended structure for doing business are included.
  3. Launch content will provide a taste of what eTEAM participants will get in depth.
  4. The details for applying to join an eTEAM and the process that follows will be addressed at the launch.
  5. Russer and his eTEAM staff are excited about collaborating with the Society because of the openness to new ideas and the enthusiasm for technology that Jack Peckham and the Real Estate CyberSpace Society bring to the real estate industry.

Contact Information for Michael Russer:

(v) 805-882-1170
(f) 603-720-5823