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Mike Pearlman, M.D. Photo Mike Pearlman, M.D.
DrinkInSafety.Com, Founder and Medical Director

"Drink In Safety "

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The founder of DrinkInSafety.Com, Michael Pearlman, M.D. is a board-certified psychiatrist who has been in private practice for the past twenty-five years. He has specialized in the treatment of addictions and personal mastery coaching since completing his training at Harvard's McLean Hospital. He has served for over fifteen years as a Harvard Medical School Faculty member.Dr. Pearlman was previously the Medical Director of Addiction Programs at Arbour Hospital in Boston and most recently was the Medical Director of Charles River Hospital in Wellesley and Medical Director of ContrAl America, a treatment program dedicated to treating alcohol craving.Dr. Pearlman has made numerous academic and public lectures and presentations as well as radio and television appearances presenting his innovative approach using anti-craving medication and supportive therapy for the treatment of addictions. He has developed an improved and comprehensive brief treatment method. This treatment program helps individuals to greatly reduce their excessive drinking by limiting their alcohol desire and teaching them healthy behaviors.Most patients who follow Dr. Pearlman's protocol find it easier to control or stop their alcohol consumption and thereby improve their overall health. By combining medication and supportive therapies, excessive alcohol drinking can now be treated successfully to diminish the craving for alcohol and return to a safe choice and good health.

Contact Information:

Mike Pearlman, M.D.
Founder and Medical Director, DrinkInSafety.Com
One Longfellow Place Suite 2221
Boston, MA 02114
(v) (617) 722-9238
(f) (240) 526-8207
(e) MPearlmanMD@DrinkInSafety.Com