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"How To Be A Realty E-Genius!"

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4/1/05 Interview with Mike Peters

331 West 57th Street
New York, NY 10019

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What RealtyEGenius Does for RE Pros

  1. RealtyEGenuis (REG) offers a package of specific technical services that the real estate industry requires; the company's web site is a one-stop resource for everything RE pros need to grow their business.
  2. REG determined that many tech services companies targeting the real estate industry are charging prices way above base cost, so REG offers its services at a third to half of other vendors' prices; with 200 engineers on staff, REG also provides superior, personalized technical support.
  3. REG keeps costs low by running a lean business; money is not spent on extravagant marketing programs; the focus is on servicing customers by developing cost-effective packages that meet customers' needs.
Domain Names

  1. A corporate web site,, serves a useful purpose as an electronic brochure where people can learn about your company; this main site is not enough to support a marketing campaign effectively.
  2. Sending people to your corporate site for information on a specific property is often cumbersome and confusing for them; it is more effective to have a domain name for the property, especially when REG offers domain names for only $1
  3. 95 compared to competitors charging $25 to $30.
  4. For a main company domain name of, an example of a sublevel domain would be; using a sublevel domain is a possible approach, but it is not as intuitive for customers as having a full domain (
Email Broadcast Genius

  1. This web-based system available for less then $20/month can send email messages to your entire email database without the worries of spam complaints, deliverability issues and keeping your list clean; use it to distribute your monthly CyberTips newsletter, free from the Society, to your contacts.
  2. Setup and implementation of Email Broadcast Genius are quick, easy and effective; postcards to generate business via direct mail can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, but email expands your reach to more prospects at less money, and you can get instant results.
  3. For example, an agent in San Francisco used Email Broadcast Genius to send 50,000 leads a well-written HTML message that linked recipients to an unique domain for a high-priced property; leads who followed the link instantly reached two pages showcasing the property and allowing contact to the listing agent, the property sold in less than 24 hours.
  4. Email Broadcast Genius handles all the administrative functions like removal requests, adding new addresses, importing lists, etc.; with commercially available software you can send mass-email from your own computer; however, you risk spam complaints, blacklisting of your IP address and termination of your Internet connection.
  5. Email Broadcast Genius offers easy-to-use templates for such things as your own announcements, newsletter and marketing campaigns so you can accomplish these business tasks without help from an engineer or knowledge of HTML, web design and graphic design.
  6. Messages sent through Email Broadcast Genius can be opened either as HTML or text messages, if a recipient's email client cannot handle HTML, the message automatically converts to text.
Email Genius

  1. Email Genius is another full service that REG offers at a third or less the cost of competitors; it combines an email mailbox that can be read online with a web-based interface for using any of the popular email clients, a calendar, a contact manager, a task manager and a sync model for a PDA.
  2. Email Genius is inexpensive to set up and easy to associate with your domain; for example, a client seeking to hire a new manager for her real estate firm needed a domain separate from the company site through which she could conduct email correspondence with applicants, using Domain Genius and Email Genius, setup and training for her took five minutes.
WebTracking Genius

  1. The purpose of tracking your web site is to understand the benefit of every marketing campaign you run.
  2. Measuring and analyzing visits is a way to evaluate your business' online exposure; many commercially available tools are too complicated and costly to setup and decipher, sometimes running into thousands of dollars.
  3. WebTracking Genius provides a real-time view into the most important pages of your web site for only $9.95/month; you can log on and, without the aid of an engineer, see how many people are visiting particular pages then and during previous time periods as well as where visitors came from.
Favorite Web Sites

  1. REG includes a page on its web site that lists links for free tools.
  2., recently acquired by Google, provides three-dimensional maps; the site has a special package for RE pros (demo on the web site) that allows the user to view maps between points as aerial photos, as though flying like Superman.
  3. offers help to email senders whose messages wind up in recipients' junk mail folders; this problem tends to occur with DSL and cable companies that reuse IP addresses, you may be assigned an address from a previous spam offender.
  4. By searching your IP address at SenderBase, you can instantly see the history of the address, including spam complaints; if the address is problematic, demand that your DSL company issue you a new IP address.
  5., aka the WayBackMachine, archives the entire Internet on a monthly basis going back over five years; you can access how a web site address looked historically at a given point in time.
  6. is a resource for definitions of technical terms in layman's language.
Realty EGenius' Mission

The company is big enough to serve RE pros effectively and small enough to care; every customer is treated as an individual whose needs are important;REG tries to understand its customers and help them meet their goals.

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