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"Mastering E-Marketing!"

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10/7/05 Interview with Pat Zaby

Seminars & Systems Inc.
5023 Sea Pines Drive
Dallas, TX 75287

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Software Focus

  1. Generic software first used by the real estate industry did not have the capabilities that real estate pros needed; that began to change with the introduction of the Microsoft Office platform in the mid-1990s.
  2. Because of the corporate dedication to research and development, Microsoft products are state-of-the-art; most people get Microsoft Office automatically when they buy a computer.
  3. Agents often do not understand all that the Microsoft suite of products can do for them.
Tips for Running a Business on Microsoft Office

  1. Use MS Outlook as your contact manager, not just for email; features include calendar, contacts, notes, to-dos plus synchronization with your PDA.
  2. MS Word can produce all of an agent's marketing materials such as postcards, flyers and brochures; advantages are that the files are about quarter of the size of Publisher files (so they travel better by email), and they can be opened by nearly anyone.
  3. Agents satisfied with their real-estate-specific software may not wish to change, but many agents are not aware of the power of Microsoft prod-ucts—the first step of learning is to become aware of what they can do.
Respond Software

  1. Zaby's proprietary product Respond adds real estate functionality such as automatic action plans or campaigns to MS Outlook.
  2. Respond provides a different template for the contact window that adapts to campaigns; it also includes many additional fields for real estate use such as properties and service providers attached to the transaction; it also allows two different names to be included in one contact record.
  3. Zaby stays attuned to what real estate practitioners say they need and builds those features into his software.
Practical Solutions for Sharing Computer Data

  1. Using a computer at work and another at home can be solved by investing in a notebook computer that can travel with you.
  2. Another answer is MIGO, which looks like a USB drive and has special software that synchronizes Outlook; configure it on one computer and view the data on any other computer without changing the host computer.
  3. Exchange Server has been offered by Microsoft for some time as a big, company-level solution; now a smaller version, Small Business Server,can handle up to five users, but it requires software, a dedicated server and a savvy operator.
  4. Service companies called exchange hosts are readily available by searching the Internet; for a small monthly fee, the client's data is kept on the host's server, where it can be accessed from any computer in the world; users can download files or work directly online.
  5. MS Outlook allows data to be imported from any program that allows exports; programs that encrypt data are harder to get data from.
Connectivity Tools

  1. All the major PDAs (Palm, BlackBerry, Pocket PC) work with Outlook; to set up to synch, reinstall the original CD and on the screen that asks about synchronizing, select "Outlook" instead of "Palm desktop."
  2. That step installs additional software called PocketMirror® that actually synchronizes with Outlook; when you hit the synch button on your palm, all its data will go into Outlook.
Marketing Software

  1. Outlook has potential with "User-Defined Forms" that many agents are not using; any answer to a question that comes up more than once should be converted to a form that can be efficiently customized and emailed.
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