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"Bring Them Back Again"

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4/4/03 Interview with Paul Burke

See You Again Software
3755 Henry Hudson Parkway
Riverdale, NY 10463

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Online Business Success

  1. The #1 myth that causes most online businesses to fail is that high traffic to a web site is necessary; the true measure of success is sale seffectiveness.
  2. You need to be able to convert traffic into customers; most visitors will not purchase on a first-time visit, the typical prospect needs to consider a product or service a minimum of 3 to 7 times.
  3. A business needs to establish "top-of-mind awareness", ideally, your offering should be in front of your prospects daily; because of the importance of the real estate product, the concept of "persistent presence"is especially critical.
The See-You-Again Focus

  1. See You Again Software offers its clients ways to stay in front of prospects and to get people to return to clients' web sites; the company hasa suite of professional desktop marketing products, each of which focuses on a different area of the Windows Desktop.
  2. Objectives of the products are to increase targeted traffic, to increase first-time and repeat sales and to promote branding in the minds of prospects and customers.
  3. The Windows Desktop is the most valuable real estate on the Internet; the desktop is the first screen the computer user sees upon boot-up and the only screen the user repeatedly comes back to.
  4. Historically, it has been the exclusive territory of Fortune 500 companies, such as America Online, Microsoft and Yahoo!, which can afford to pay original equipment manufacturers to put their icons on the Windows Desktops of new computers.
  5. The See You Again Shortcut levels the playing field for Realtors and small businesses; people are given opportunities to instantly install an icon-shortcut‹that appears on their own desktop ‹to bring them back to yoursite.
Strategy for the Shortcut

  1. Three methods can offer the shortcut: (1) an "Add Us to Your Desktop" button on your site, one click installs the link; (2) automatic initialization, a prompt welcomes first-time visitors and asks them to accept the icon; (3) inclusion of the icon-offer in an email message.
  2. Once people accept your icon, it appears on their desktop as a reminder every time they view the screen; one click on the icon will launch their browser and take them to your site.
  3. The icon can also be placed in key areas besides the desktop in the Windows operating system for strategic viewing, e.g., the Windows Start Menu and the browser links bar (right under the browser address bar).
  4. A banner advertisement requires that a person see it at another web site; the shortcut is directly on a person's computer in a location where icons are supposed to be; the daily exposure begins to build familiarity and trust.
The Desktop Login Tool

  1. This is a great product for organizations; the Society utilizes this tool from See You Again to power "Express Login" for the Members-Only Section at; set up can be accomplished in seconds by clicking on the "Express-Login" tab on the Members-Only page.
  2. The tool allows members to login to a password-protected site with one click from their own desktop; it offers users a convenient way around remembering user name and password, and eliminates login frustration.
  3. As well as being left on the desktop, the icon for the tool can be dragged onto the Windows taskbar to be accessed while any program is open.
  4. Once entry is gained to through "Express Login," a member can navigate anywhere in the site as long as the browser remains open without need to re-enter passwords.
  5. The Society will also utilize the tool for the convenience of people attending the Society's Online Convention in April.
See You Again HTML Paper

  1. This high-end marketing product might also be called a "desktop portal;" it sets up a one-way instant message box on the desktops of your prospects and customers so that you can deliver HTML elements, hyperlinks, sign-up forms, graphics, flash animations, directly to them.
  2. Agents can use the tool to broadcast information about listings to prospects and clients in one shot; use of the tool is as simple as updating a regular HTML page, it is compatible with FrontPage, Dreamweaver and other wysiwyg visual editors.
  3. Another use of the product is to provide your prospects with a small search box on their Windows desktop that allows them to search your listings; the search box is a reminder, and its convenience promotes more frequent searching.
Product Costs

The See You Again products offer high value for modest investments; for example, See You Again Shortcut is only $299 for an entire year of unlimited use.

Tools of the Future

More conferencing tools are likely to become available to address the importance of face-to-face virtual contact in which non-verbal communicationcan be conveyed.

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