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"Eliminate Technology Confusion!"

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2/7/03 Interview with Randy Eagar

Computer Camp
999 Murray-Holladay Center Suite 202
Salt Lake City, UT 84117

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Eliminating Confusion About Technology

  1. Technology can be reduced to a few core components that are easily understood by novices; grasping a basic overview ignites curiosity for ongoing learning.
  2. The main tech components for an agent include a web site, notebook computer, a PDA, digital camera and Internet software.
How to Establish an Online Presence

  1. Obtain a keyword-rich domain name, such as one that ties your area to real estate ( to improve your visibility with search engines; for large cities, focusing on a suburb will increase your chance to come out on top (
  2. Use a web site designer to create a site with impressive icons, graphics and links and use a web site positioner to get your site on the first page of a buyer's search; beware of anyone who guarantees you a first placement because search engines randomly mix up findings.
  3. Ask a web site positioner for references and testimonials so that you can find out how satisfied other clients have been, especially those in your same field; talk to several vendors and compare pricing before making a choice.
  4. Computer Camp provides web-positioning service to many major agents nationwide.
Criteria for Handheld Tools

  1. A PDA (personal digital assistant) is a small device (about 3"x 5"x 3/4") that synchronizes or copies data from your contact manager onto itself for mobile convenience; many also have telephone and Internet capability.
  2. Eagar recommends the Nokia 9210 Communicator as his favorite PDA/phone combination right now; it's clamshell shape opens to a larger-than-typical screen that can scroll to scan an Internet site.
  3. However, even better units should be appearing in spring and summer 2003 from vendors like Microsoft and Nokia; the new products will be less expensive and less bulky.
  4. PDA/phone/camera combinations are on the horizon, but there are no reliable products yet.
Laptops vs. Desktops

  1. PDAs are not likely to make laptops obsolete because of the power of the laptop as a presentation device; agents should consider foregoing a desktop computer for a laptop.
  2. The only advantage a desktop has is that it is harder to steal; laptops can do anything a desktop can plus go anywhere.
  3. Docking stations are more a matter of personal preference than actual need; Eagar prefers to plug in his printer, workstation, network and modem when he gets to his desk (a 10-second task) but he uses his laptop screen instead of a monitor.
Virtual Tours Tips

  1. Virtual tours are a necessity for today's agents; a recent study by a major computer magazine downgraded agents and companies who do not use virtual tours; moving views of a house give buyers a better "experience" of the rooms than static shots give.
  2. Doing virtual tours yourself is cost efficient; Eagar recommends the software from
  3. The agent loads the VisualTour software on his computer, takes still photos of the house (overlapping shots about 20% for a panoramic view); the software uses the stills to create a slideshow or virtual tour, VisualTourcapability includes background music and commentary.
  4. Streaming video should be avoided because it is expensive and takes up a lot of memory, which slows the downloading of the images.
  5. The VisualTour products can be put on floppies or CDs to be handed out or uploaded to the Internet.
  6. Handing out CDs is much more impressive than handing out a floppy diskbut is only about $0.50 more expensive; most desktops and most notebook computers have a CD burner.
Useful Sites on the Web

  1. For shopping, try, (for PDAs)
  2. Great reference sites include (for quotations).
  3. Travelers will appreciate and for low-costoptions; MapQuest remains good for maps.
Looking Ahead Two or Three Years

  1. The difference between the "Haves" and "Have Nots" will increase; agents who are comfortable with technology strategies and tools will be muchfurther ahead in productivity and income than the laggards.
  2. The digital camera will come into its own in the next few years as agents learn to use it much more effectively to build animations, slide shows andvirtual tours.
  3. The biggest marketing tool for agents will definitely be the better use of their web site.
Contact Information for Randy Eagar:

(v) 800-277-1316
(f) 801-261-3523

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