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"How To Turn Video Into Commission Gold!"

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2/1/08 Interview with Rich Chadwick

Loring Avenue, Suite 450
Salem, MA 01970

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The Explosion of Video on the Web

  1. Good quality video online has been made possible by the proliferation of broadband and DSL and more powerful computers thatccan display good quality video.
  2. Video on web sites is becoming expected, so the pressure is on real estate professionals to adapt to its use to both entertain and inform.
The Process for Adding Video to Web Sites

  1. First, have your message clearly in mind and get it scripted; then create the video yourself or with professional assistance.
  2. Take the video and make it web viewable-so that it can stream (playback) over the Internet; place a small amount of code on your website where you want the video to appear.
The Services of MultiMediaPros

  1. The company creates radio, TV and online advertising for businesses of all sizes as well as providing streaming media, hosting and encoding; services are directed specifically to the real estate industry and its allied fields.
  2. The messages created are professionally produced and delivered at a reasonable price, opening the use of video to new audience of small to medium sized businesses that previously could not have afforded it.
Fast-Start Tips for Incorporating Video

  1. Obtain some easy-to-use software-such as Visual Communicator® 3- for producing your own video broadcasts; they can be done using your own computer, script and an existing video camera or camcorder.
  2. Create video newsletters or to newscast-like broadcasts of market information and updates that present you as the local expert..
  3. Visual Communicator is like a TV studio in a box for less than $400; it includes a teleprompter, a video editor and capability to add music and professional graphics.
A Special Use of Video for Marketing

  1. Shooting a custom tour of a special property listing with your camcorder is an impressive upgrade of a virtual tourreserve it on a separate page to take interested buyers to the next level; both the property owner and potential buyers will feel that they have received special attention.
  2. The video tour could last 5-7 minutes and show you walking through the home and pointing out the amenities; consider customizing the page with the name of the potential buyer; such a product does not have to be professional looking-informality makes it personal.
The Cost Factor

  1. Professional services cover a wide range of price levels; MultiMediaPros can produce effective video at modest cost by combining stock footage and still photos with high-end supplied images and logos.
  2. At the other end of the spectrum, companies can produce full-scale, studio advertorials as long as 30 minutes for use on TV stations.
  3. Agents do not have to spend large amounts of money to stay current with the use of video.
The Video Process

  1. MultiMediaPros keeps the process easy for clients; clients begin by completing a "Quick Start Guide" that covers questions about their objectives and vision.
  2. Writing a script is often a stumbling block for someone wanting a video, but the Quick Start questionnaire takes minutes and becomes the basis for a first-round script that clients can review.
The Video Sharing Phenomenon

  1. YouTube and similar online video sites are a reason why video has become so popular on the Web.
  2. Use the opportunity to post videos on these sites for free and link to them from your own site; your video is available at no cost and is searchable by a large number of people who otherwise would not come to your site.
  3. The downside to video on a free site is that at the end, a link invites viewers to "see similar videos;" viewers are likely to return to the free site after seeing your posting; using a hosted service for posting videos avoids this pitfall.
What to Do with Video

  1. Once video is in a Web format, many things can be done with it; post it on free video sites such as YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo! Video and AOL Video; when uploading videos be sure to index them with relevant search terms and a good description.
  2. Promote video with an email blast; instead of attaching the video, send a link to it in the body of the message that looks like a still frame; clicking the image transports the viewer to your web site to view the video.
  3. If the video is appropriate as an advertisement, post it to Google online video ads, which are run throughout the entire Google content network (such as; upload the video through a regular Google Adwords account and purchase keyword advertising as for a text ad.
  4. Professional assistance is available for video ads; for example, MultiMediaPros are Google Adwords professionals.
Video Warnings

  1. Content is king, so be sure you have something compelling to say; the topic should be relevant, and a script and prompter are strongly recommended.
  2. Keep your video short; online attention span is low.
  3. Be personal; although you want to be professional, you also want to connect with people.
Favorite Places on the Web

  1. as his default browser page keeps Chadwick updated on world events; is a valued tech news and trends resource.
  2. is a good industry-specific site, and and cover advertising industry news and trends.
  3. is a great movie and TV buff reference.

Special Offer: MultiMediaPros offers listeners a $100 discount on the production of any online video ad.

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