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Richard Beckman Photo
12/1/06 Interview with Richard Beckman

The Richard Beckman Group with West Realty Shelton
114 W Alder St. (mailing address: P.O. Box Y)
Shelton, WA 98584

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Beckman's Start in Real Estate

  1. Beckman was interested in real estate properties even as a youngster; while going to school for a degree in information systems technology, he picked up a real estate course as an elective and wound up taking and passing the state exam.
  2. For the rest of his college years, he sold real estate part time and after graduation, went into it full time; along with working as a licensed agent, he also consulted for and
  3. After observing firsthand at AdsForFree how well search engine placement was working, Beckman started his own company to implement the concept himself; that company, Coracle, eventually bought AdsForFree.
  4. The endeavor resulted in so many leads that Beckman decided to devote full time to being a real estate agent; his secret to success has been to widely publicize his marketing methods.
Agent Tools to Generate Leads

  1. Beckman's real estate group gets 90% of their buyers via the Internet; basically, he uses organic search results and pay per click.
  2. He has hired Coracle to guarantee him first-page placement on the major search engines for searches on his local area; in conjunction with the search engine efforts, he sends out mailers to residents of his farm area.
  3. The mailers are his way of telling prospective clients what he is doing; he uses his guarantee of being on the first page on search engines as a lure to attract listings; he invites prospects to try a search of their community name as proof.
  4. For every community that Beckman farms, he also buys a domain name; he tells sellers that he will post their property as a featured listing on the specific community page as well as on his main web page.
  5. Beckman educates his sellers to the fact that the great majority of homebuyers go online before connecting with an agent; by attracting those homebuyers to his web sites that feature his sellers' properties, he gives his sellers an edge in marketing exposure to buyers.
  6. In Beckman's small town in Washington State, he averages about 40-45 unique users a day on his web sites; personally, Beckman focuses on being a seller's agent, but he feeds buyers' leads to the other agents on his team.
  7. Another marketing technique that Beckman employs is to build a web page for every listing, which allows him to put the property description, subdivision and price on pay per click
Elements of the Marketing Program

  1. Beckman pays Coracle a flat annual fee based on the number of key-word terms he chooses at a rate of $1,300 per four-word string; Coracle guarantees first-page placement for a four-word string (e.g., Mason County real estate).
  2. For listing clients, Beckman guarantees first-page search engine placement plus a showcase listing on, MSN and AOL.
  3. His monthly mail campaign to his farm area is the key to promoting what he has to offer to prospective listing clients-each mailer makes clear the steps he follows in marketing every listing.
  4. His system blends together technology and traditional marketing outreach; repeating it over and over has worked well for him.
Favorite Places on the Web

  1. Advanced Access has provided him with a site that is easy to make changes to; Beckman augments the site with Visitor-Stats.
  2. provides tracking information on web users beyond what is gathered automatically by the Advanced Access site; Visitor-Stats captures the city and state of users and their click patterns.
  3. Beckman uses the knowledge of click patterns to improve the arrangement of his web site so that visitors can get to the most popular areas of the site easily.
  4. Visitor-Stats service costs $20/month; Beckman uses information gathered from it in his listing presentations-for example, the fact that he has had visitors from 45 states over the last month.
  5. Craig's List is one of the best sources of traffic to Beckman's web site.
Contact Information for Richard Beckman:

(v) 360-426-6862
(f) 360-426-1645

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