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"Technology Meets Practicality!"

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8/5/05 Interview with Rick DeLuca

Rick DeLuca Seminars, LLC
225 S.W. Scalehouse Loop, Suite 101
Bend, OR 97702

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Technology Trends

  1. A few years ago, real estate professionals had accepted the inevitability of technology as part of the industry; now they have begun to embrace technology.
  2. Public expectations about technology have driven the change in attitude among RE pros.
  3. Many of the things being done by agents 20 years ago are coming back; even some of the things being done by technology are the same ideas being delivered more efficiently with a different tool.
Indispensable Tech Tool

  1. Over the last five years, the use of PDAs has grown dramatically; more and more agents are reaching for their cell phones and BlackBerries to check email on the run.
  2. Never being out-of-reach is a genuine plus from a business standpoint,but it does present agents with a challenge.
Web Sites That Make Money

  1. The importance of RE pros marketing themselves has been emphasized for years by DeLuca and other RE gurus; that self-promotion mentality has been carried over in the extreme to web site design; the preponderance of RE web sites are ego sites; what matters more is consumer information.
  2. When considering either a template or custom web site, find out how many pages of content you get—you need a deep site for it to be effective; also learn how much of the content is consumer-oriented information.
  3. Determine how many monthly subscribers a potential hosting company serves and what its hosting fees are; you need a reliable, financially sound host that will not bail out at the first sign of trouble in the industry.
Caution on the Real Estate Cycle

  1. Nationwide, the industry has been on a six-year positive run; early signs show that the market may be at the top or slightly tipped to the downside.
  2. When growth in the industry stops and a decline begins, many of the ancillary support businesses that have been making money on RE services will disappear, including many hosting and design companies.
How to Save Time with Tech Tools

  1. The learning curve can discourage agents from putting tools (hardware and software) to practical use, even though they are acquired to save time.
  2. A variety of web sites can be used by agents to make their job easier: for example, sends automatic email messages to buying agents asking what prospective buyers thought of the property; responses are sent right to the seller, saving the selling agent’s time.
  3. is a site that does instant translations of web sites, individual dialogue and email messages—translations are word-for-word, so they may not be correct grammatically.
  4. If you spend the money on new software or new equipment, set aside uninterrupted time to learn to use it; check into a hotel room for half a day to provide a setting where you can concentrate, or use time on an airplane to read the manual.
Technology Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Don’t assume that other people are as technologically up-to-date as you are; others may not have a high-speed connection to facilitate receiving photo files, but the site offers a solution—you can send up to 25 photos to 10 different people simultaneously for free.
  2. Don’t be on either extreme—wanting to use only high-tech methods or of never using high-tech methods; neither extreme will be successful; real estate remains a people-business, but the new tools are a reality; consumers like to make choices, not decisions—so give them choices.
DeLuca’s Services

  1. DeLuca presents speeches and seminars; his guiding rule is to teach the way he likes to listen, so he offers free-flowing ideas without any fluff or any hard sell.
  2. His Real Estate Idea Club is a forum for practitioners to share ideas that help them do business; membership is paid monthly ($19.95), but DeLuca offers a few months free as a trial.
  3. Members receive a marketing tip every week by email and technology tips every month; they can participate in conference calls and have access to a members-only site.
Overcoming Tech Trepidation

  1. Recognize that tech tools are not easily broken and just commit yourself to spending time learning each new acquisition.
  2. Tech support people don’t expect you to know anything and will work with you patiently; examples of resources with strong tech support are (a web site design and hosting company), and or (for direct mail support).
  3. is a free web site with thousands of volunteer techies available to solve technology problems; you post a question and get a response back by email, establishing one-on-one communication for follow-up.
  4. The Society’s Guru Help Line is a free service in which members help members with tech-related questions.
Email Tips

  1. A pet peeve of DeLuca is spelling errors in email messages; setting up spell-check takes very little time—in Outlook, go into Tools/Options and check the boxes; careless errors reflect poorly on your professional image.
  2. Make use of an adequate signature line; besides your name, at least include your position, company and phone number.
  3. When writing your email address, use upper and lower case letters so that people can take in the words at a glance.
Favorite Personal Sites on the Web

  1. is an effective service for reducing spam—it costs about $3/month; to track what happens to email messages you send, use
  2. facilitates the screening of search results by providing a rollover preview page of listings; Google’s new desktop search engine for your own computer makes finding lost files, including emails, easy. Advice looking at chronological age is irrelevant to people’s acceptance of technology; don’t assume that older consumers will not be tech savvy; always give people choices in working with you.
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