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"Use Your Own Voice to Sell on the Web!"

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8/6/04 Interview with Rick Raddatz
1010 Depot Hill #206
Broomfield, CO 80020

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The Power of Audio

  1. Any kind of sales, including real estate, depends on communication; the more forms of communication you use and the better you use them, the greater your advantage; your web site and your email campaigns need to stand out from the crowd and need to enable you to build relationships.
  2. Audio has the power to build relationships and encourages people to stay on your message longer as they listen to you; audio on a web site can be used most effectively at pivotal, decision-making points.
  3. The most powerful moment is when visitors are deciding whether or not to leave contact information your voice making an offer of a free document andciting its benefits could increase the opt-in rate at least 30% (the average boost).
Using Audio on Your Web Site

  1. Expectation is an important factor in deciding whether to launch audio automatically or by clicking a link; sudden, unannounced audio may be too much of a surprise and turn people off.
  2. On your primary web site and in your email, launching audio automatically is not recommended; having people click for more information and then hearing the message is proactively informative without being rude.
  3. However, automatic audio in conjunction with paid, search engine marketing has proved effective in capturing leads e.g., on an opt-in landing page from the search engine.
  4. Audio can be utilized on a secure page, but special requirements have to be met; AudioGenerator provides that feature through its special, SSL audio wizard that creates encrypted audio that still plays well over modems.
Use of Audio without a Web Site

  1. AudioGenerator's Audio Postcard service sends your list an email instructing recipients to turn up their speakers and click a link for their audio message; the postcard might have your photo or a photo of a listing.
  2. The audio postcard also provides a single "call to action" your phonenumber, email address or web site; the strategy has been a successful attention-getter that generates high response.
Practical Audio Tool

  1. AudioGenerator's tool is designed to be non-technical and simple.
  2. The Record-by-Phone system uses a voice mail system for members to call(toll-free) to record their messages that are then transferred to theAudioGenerator web site for instant availability (copy and paste) to members' web sites or email campaigns.
  3. The Society used AudioGenerator to provide audio capability at the 2004 Online Convention; sponsors and vendors took advantage of it much more than a microphone-reliant system the year before.
  4. Extensive tests show that the speaker's voice almost doesn't matter(e.g., accent, amateur vs. professional delivery); being yourself attracts people who will be compatible with you.
  5. What does matter is the message and the relationship between speaker and recipient; relationship trumps everything else in marketing; audio can help you build relationships because you can get your message heard in a personal way.
  6. Make your message strong; if making an offer, speak in terms of the benefit to the recipient; if asking for contact information, give people something in return (preferably something immediate).
  7. Members of the audio marketing service get a toll-free number and extension to give their contacts to use for calling in testimonials; members can use the recorded testimonials on their web sites and in emails call in your testimonials for the Society on 800-609-9006, x8469.
  8. Voice testimonials are powerful because their authenticity is obvious;the unedited condition of the comments boosts their credibility.
Scope of the Audio Marketing Service

  1. AudioGenerator's full-service package includes (1) the Record-by-Phone System and the options to upload recordings or record by microphone, (2) the Testimonial Hotline, (3) the ability to put audio on your web site and (4)the ability to send audio postcards by email.
  2. Basic membership is $29.95/month; use of the service is unlimited include as many recordings as you wish, and put recordings on as many listings as you wish; the only extra is a 14.9 cent/minute charge just for the recording time if you record by phone.
  3. The system can be used as effectively by people on dial-up modems (still 66% of the nation) as by those with high-speed Internet connections.
  4. The system has capability to be used by real estate professionals to record live seminars, teleclinics, lectures and online courses up to two hours in length; such events have a special energy, and those recordings have potential as a product, a bonus or a lead generator.
Use the special AudioGenerator link (see top of the interview or the "Sitesand Tools" box) for a Society member discount.

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