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"Leverage Marketing with Listservers"

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2/5/99 Interview with Robert W. Neill

Neill Online
P.O. Box 264
Carrollton, MS 38917

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Neill Online

  1. The site publishes a number of lists and electronic publications, including RealEstate, RealEstateDaily, RealEstateInvestorDaily, MortgageDaily and MergersDaily.
  2. Members receive opportunities for buying and selling properties, a discussion forum and other types of Real Estate industry information; a single message to Neill Online can get a listing onto multiple list servers.
  3. The aim is to provide a diversified web site; revamped recently to be an "Internet Gateway," it offers links to other types of resources on the Net.
Pointers for a Good Site

  1. Companies that don't get on the Internet will become obsolete; the Internet is an important medium of communication that is essential to any Real Estate company.
  2. The mere development of a site may allow some business to find you, but promotion of the site is vital to make it visible to the public; pro-active internet activity is the key to keep attracting new people.
Finding Favorites on the Internet

  1. Smaller search engines such as Infoseek, Excite and Altavista are usually updated daily; they are a good source for finding newer Real Estate sites because specialized sites and multiple listing services are coming online every day.
  2. Many sites are dedicated to particular areas and unique ways to market Real Estate via the Internet; other unusual sites such as the Russian satellite TerraServer and AltaVista Translation Service augment the RE area.
  3. Some counties and states put their entire tax base online; to find these sites, try a search using "tax base" and names of particular counties.
  4. Check list servers for people with expertise in tax records or whatever specialty you need; Neill's Lawsrc L is a list serve of attorneys and law firms that carries questions about where to find information.
Business Advantages of a Web Site and List Server

  1. A web site in itself can provide a great number of business contacts and inquiries from around the world.
  2. A list server can generate an extensive network of resources for both residential and commercial properties so that you can target an appropriate business audience no matter what your specialty; start your own list server or join some already in existence.
List Selections of Neill Online

  1. Lawsrc-L is Neill's largest list server; the others are smaller and more concentrated in particular areas.
  2. Real Estate Daily is primarily a discussion forum for RE pros, but Real Estate Investor Daily is a marketplace list - properties for sale, properties wanted, joint venture offerings, capital financing, etc.
  3. Real Estate, Neill's newest list, is a wide-open forum for both Residential and Commercial - a discussion forum and a marketing forum.
  4. Other Neill publications such as Mergers Daily and Mortgage Daily are related to Real Estate and include many Real Estate people; Mergers Daily is worth considering as a posting site for commercial opportunities.
Maximizing Your List

  1. One strategy for protecting your list server against a run to unsubscribe is to close the list down for a day or two.
  2. Newer systems for software management allow a shift from unmoderated mode to moderated mode within a few minutes; "unsubscribe" messages or other inappropriate messages can be kept from the entire list.
  3. Your own list server can be set up to include just your clients and/or close circle of associates to be used as a communication network or as a one-way list to distribute announcements.
  4. Examples of the latter are Peter Pike's Express Messages and the Society's monthly bulk e-letter, designed for members to customize for their own lists; such regular messages are effective reminders to others of your cyber expertise.
  5. Over the next few years, expect email addresses to become the most valuable commodity in the Real Estate industry; set up a program now to begin your own database.
  6. The quality of information sent in a one-way message needs to be excellent to distinguish it from the many other email messages people are receiving; make the information useful. - e.g., identify good web sites, give tips, showcase properties.
Importance of a Domain Name

  1. Having your own domain name is essential for building brand identity; be creative in selecting a name that will connect people to your business and be easy to remember.
  2. Search engines generally no longer allow registration of free web space sites.
Global Communication through the Internet

  1. In the next several years, the Internet will become the primary means of communication around the world; it combines the elements of telegraph, telephone, radio, TV, fax, and cell phone in one medium.
  2. ICQ provides a practical, immediate link between remote colleagues; Neill recommends using resources such as ICQ and AOL Instant Messenger on your web site and email to facilitate quick contact with prospects.
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