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"Use Red Hot Tools for Commission Green!"

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12/3/04 Interview with Roger Butcher

Roger Butcher Training
2851 Gold Tailings Court
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

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Internet Marketing Visibility

  1. The most important step for REALTORS® is to have a viable web site-one that is at least 200 pages and is making money; a viable real estate site is attractive to both buyers and sellers and has features on it that will drive traffic to the agent.
  2. About 75% of buyers and sellers today locate their agent on the Internet; the top 4% of agents across the country do about 36% of the real estate business; these 4% have web sites that are attracting consumers.
Email / Postal Marketing

  1. The three considerations for effective email are the messages to be conveyed, the audience for the messages and the frequency with which messages will be sent.
  2. Agents should concentrate on marketing themselves to people they already know; develop a referral database of at least 250 people encompassing your sphere of influence; 250 is a good target number, especially if you are also planning to send messages by regular mail (postal discounts require a minimum in that range).
  3. Butcher has developed a system called "150 Sources of Referrals;" examples include accountants, apartment managers, appraisers, architects, acquaintances, firewood companies, physical therapists, tennis clubs, travel services, etc.
  4. He advises agents to go out and meet people in those categories; being successful in real estate requires having the personality to be liked and trusted by strangers; ask people for permission to email them information relating to the real estate industry-most will say yes.
  5. A campaign combining several media (email, postcards, letters) tends to be more effective than relying on one medium; sending a one-page newsletter can be a good way to reach people regularly.
  6. A good approach to take in a marketing campaign is to let people know you are active in the business; for example, send a notice to your referral base and the neighborhood about a new listing and follow up with an open house invitation and "Just Sold" notices.
  7. Always reference your web site in any message you put out; send people to the site for further information about listings, for free reports, etc.; a live link in an email is very effective in getting people to your site because people can respond on immediate impulse.
Characteristics of a Good Web Site

  1. Content is key; agents need to have much more than a single page on their company's web site; features should definitely include property listings and possibly include information such as your newsletter.
  2. Community information links are another plus for a web site; they could drive as many as 2,000 people per month to your site; they might not be immediate buyers or sellers, but these visitors could become active later, and they could know people who are active now; with a counter system on your site, you can tell daily how many people are coming.
  3. Having a proper name for your site enhances its power; using is a better choice than using something tricky or obscure that is hard for people to remember and look up.
  4. The minimum number of listings on your site is 20 current listings and 50 properties that have sold and closed; new agents should borrow office listings.
  5. Key words and metatags can help search engines find you; a good web site provider will offer to set those up for you.
Keeping Track of Contacts

  1. Start with appropriate software; Butcher recommends going beyond the standard Microsoft Outlook to more real-estate-specific programs.
  2. REALTIME 2020™ is Butcher's new proprietary contact manager program with a contact database, complete organizer, complete management system and services directory; it will allow agents to maintain listings, do email, create flyers and more.
  3. About 20% of users of the new program are coming from Top Producer; the REALTIME software is much better than ACT! and GoldMine.
Tips for Success

  1. Agents should concentrate on realistic ways to have a viable web site, build their database and develop an effective marketing campaign; find out what has been proven to work and don't waste time on things that don't work-getting listings and making sales is what generates commission checks.
  2. Virtual tour technology is an important tool to be integrated on your web site; it is also impressive as a pre-listing tool; consider offering a virtual tour presentation at no charge to the client and schedule it for the next day as a presumptive close; have the listing drawn up when you see the client the second time.
  3. Many agents waste about 80% of every day; you need a daily plan and weekly marketing schedule; stay focused on a system that works.
Advanced Access as a Web Site Resource

  1. The company offers agents a complete range of web site services; the company can design a site ($600), register your name ($20) and host your site ($40/month); the company provides 900 pages of features that can be used on agents' sites.
  2. Virtual tours can be emailed in to be posted by the company on agents' sites.
  3. Advanced Access also offers two search engine packages to help agents be found; one covers over 400 local search engine directories, and the other covers the top-ten worldwide, which are refurbish every two weeks; the cost is $50 each.
  4. Butcher recommends Advanced Access as the most solid, best provider of web services to the real estate industry.
Favorite Web Sites and Tools

  1. As a traveler, Butcher appreciates Map Quest and Weather Channel.
  2. CNN is a good source for updates on the news.
  3. Having a GPS (Global Positioning System) unit in the car is invaluable when driving in unfamiliar areas; Butcher has one built into his own car and takes a portable one (by Magellan) on trips.
Looking Ahead

  1. Over the next few years, advances in software technology should be important; tech tools that have already been developed will be refined.
  2. Agents should get back to the basics of getting listings and making sales utilizing the technology that exists now.
Contact Information for Roger Butcher:

(v) 916-852-9124 ext 123
(f) 916-852-9567

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Butcher's new contact manager: REALTIME 2020TM

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