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8/2/02 Interview with Ryan Roslansky

Yahoo! Real Estate
4701 First Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94089

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Introduction to Yahoo!

  1. Yahoo! Real Estate is the Yahoo! location for real estate content; a link to Yahoo! Real Estate appears prominently on the Yahoo! homepage.
  2. As senior producer, Rolansky is the person who oversees the real estate product and the product management team; developing and implementing the product plan, including the strategies that drive revenue and product goals, falls under his authority.
  3. The Yahoo! network through its diverse combination of businesses reaches a vast online audience; being connected to Yahoo! is a benefit to Realtors; last month, 230 million unique visitors visited the network.
Ways to Harness the Power of Yahoo!

  1. Be listed in Yahoo! Yellow Pages as a real estate professional for as little as $25 per month.
  2. Get your web site into Yahoo! Search Engines & Directories; the Express program registers your site for review by a Yahoo! editor and placement in proper search categories ($299 per year).
  3. Utilize Yahoo! Real Estate, a full suite of tools and services that takes users through the entire process of "finding a house and making it their home" functions include finding an agent, researching neighborhoods, finding a loan, moving services, home improvement, etc.
  4. On Yahoo! Real Estate, agents can post listings and/or be listed personally in the agent directory; real estate professionals should be everywhere they can online, Yahoo! should be an extension of a pro's presence elsewhere on the Internet.
Internet Communication

  1. The rapid advance of technology over the last few years and plenty of hype have left many people confused about tech capability, yet the Internet is a fantastic place for Realtors to market themselves.
  2. Email is the key component of Internet communication; Yahoo! Mail is a free service that real estate pros can use to communicate with customers.
  3. Having a web site is desirable; create a web site for free using easy tools at Yahoo! GeoCities; other resources (the Society) also offer web site options, or you can work with a design firm to create a custom site.
  4. Driving traffic to your web site is critical; Yellow Pages and Express tie into marketing your site.
Yahoo!'s Edge

  1. Yahoo! offers tremendous value across the board; there is no other single place where you can put yourself before such a vast audience.
  2. Listings posted on Yahoo! ($49 for 21 days) come with advantages not possible with print media; online, you have ability to track listings in real time and the ability to edit listings at will.
  3. Of all the buyers searching for a home online, 74% touch base with Yahoo!; 70% of people planning to look for a home in the next 12 months have visited Yahoo!; the average user who visits Yahoo! is twice as likely to be interested in real estate than the average adult.
  4. Yahoo! tries to make everything online as simple as possible; the site is designed to be consumer-friendly without complicated bells and whistles and without long-loading graphics; services can be totally set up online.
  5. Human customer care is available to troubleshoot problems, for example, if you have trouble posting a listing on Yahoo! Real Estate; the Yahoo! Search & Directory product is humanly surfed and allows you to have interaction with the person deciding where your site should go.
The Real Estate Focus

  1. Yahoo! decided to make real estate a priority in November 2001 as the executive team recognized the potential in classified spaces (recruitment and automobiles as well as properties); the Internet is a perfect medium for buyers and sellers to meet.
  2. Competition comes from Homestore, HomeAdvisor and all the other similar sites; under the belief that agents and brokers should be everywhere, the competitors are complementary.
  3. Roslansky advises RE pros to post their listings on multiple sites and to register their web sites with multiple search engines.
Internet Strategy for Agents

  1. Develop a web site that you are comfortable with and that presents your point in clear, simple fashion; most visitors come to learn about/contact the agent and to look at listings, make that information prominent; keep navigation easy.
  2. GeoCities is a Yahoo! product that offers template sites, ranging from free to $9.95 per month; the user can customize a site to get a unique look and feel; the user gets his own url to market.
  3. Your web site will probably be picked up by a few search engines automatically, but get it registered for certain with the engines that have the most traffic.
  4. Market your web site offline by featuring it on your business card, in flyers and in listing presentations; always let people know how to see what you're doing and to contact you online.
  5. RE professionals can use template sites to develop multiple web sites, they can stand alone or be used to direct traffic to a primary site; Roslansky cautions pros to be conscious of quality and consistency because a less-than-professional-looking site can turn customers away.
Favorite Sites on the Web

  1. MyYahoo! allows people to incorporate all the information they want to see onto a single page by picking and choosing among the numerous Yahoo! products.
  2. is a great local site for San Francisco traffic reports; most major cities have similar web sites.
  3. The site for the local county assessor's office gives leads on foreclosures.
  4. What's on the Horizon

  5. More extensive adoption of technology, especially the Internet, will improve efficiency in the real estate industry; in three years, the home buying and selling process should be streamlined to be easier and much faster.
Contact Information for Ryan Roslansky:

(v) 408-349-6340
(f) 408-349-7735

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