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"Saul Klein Interview 1998"

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8/7/98 Interview with Saul Klein

7183 Navajo Road, Suite F
San Diego, CA 92119

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Mastering Software for Cyberspace

  1. Because of the push from consumers, many Realtors have gotten connected and are now interested in using cyber techniques.
  2. First in importance in getting started is the operating system (for most, Windows95) - many apparent software problems are misunderstandings of the operating system; upgrading to Windows98 has been a smooth experience for Klein and Peckham.
  3. Your database represents current and future business; industry-specific software such as Top Producer will give you an advantage in managing your database.
  4. The browser is important for exploring the Internet and the World Wide Web; choosing between Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer - as with any software - is a matter of which you are comfortable using.
Email Recommendations

  1. Email is the most important marketing consideration; both Exchange (in Explorer) and Communicator (in Netscape) are adequate for RE industry needs.
  2. Some pros prefer the stand-alone email manager Eudora, but most do not fully utilize its power; the most recent versions of Exchange and Communicator now have filtering and other capabilities that rival Eudora.
  3. Maximize the email sorting function by creating folders so that mail can automatically be filtered into them without your seeing it first.
  4. For each new listing or new buyer, establish an electronic paper trail - create an individual mail folder for that property or client where you can drag and drop all pertinent messages.
  5. Building an email address book is easy; email managers can be set to retain addresses from all messages you receive, or you can right click on a return email address and select the option to add it to your address book.
Opinions about Outlook

  1. Klein uses the standard version of Outlook as overall desktop software; the light version, Outlook Express, is also a nice piece of software.
  2. The Society survey indicated that some members found the personal information side of Outlook to be less satisfactory than ACT!
Internet Service Providers

  1. Check that a potential provider has local phone numbers for your use - if you travel, you want local numbers wherever you may be.
  2. Pricing should be competitive - $19.95 should buy unlimited access.
  3. Installation should be easy; often, ISPs can be installed right through Windows software via a walk-through phone call.
Internet Presence

  1. Add email and a web site to the conventional marketing vehicles you use to present an impression of yourself before people meet you- business card, brochures,. "For Sale" signs, etc.
  2. Be conscious of what you imply about yourself through every email message you send; what you say and how your communication appears influence a client's opinion of you - make the impact positive.
  3. Many Society benefits are geared to this recognition issue: e.g., the bulk e-letter, the professional designation program, the press release program, the web page emblem.
The Internet Crusade

  1. The mission is to get as many people online as possible by the year 2001; the entire RE industry benefits from wider Internet communication among professionals.
  2. Beyond email, a web site is becoming critical to high-tech credibility; you need a site that presents valuable information for the people you serve.
  3. The Crusade's Internet marketing kit addresses all the elements of basic design and content for a successful web site; included are registration of the domain, 10MB of space on the server, and a web site template with 60 links to useful sites.
  4. One strategy to reinforce people's awareness of you is to include links to generally useful sites such as the Kelly BlueBook that keep people coming back to your site even when they are not buying or selling property.
The Internet Marketing Kit

  1. Crusade provides a comprehensive template that allows a user to get a professional site up in a hurry, without doing any customizing.
  2. Front Page Express and FTP Access are included so that Realtors can come into Crusade's server and work on their own web sites.
  3. The complete package also includes domain registration and an unlimited number of email addresses forwarded to your mailbox. [See footnote for special offer to members.]
Email Addresses vs. Domains

  1. ISPs offer their users email addresses, typically in the pattern of "ID name @ the;" the impression is not always professional; if you leave the ISP, you lose the address without forwarding capability.
  2. Your domain is a name that you can register to belong to you and use for your web address and your email address - for powerful professional consistency; a Realtor who wants to market himself should register his name as his domain.
  3. Tip: if someone handles the domain registration for you, be sure they register YOU as the owner, so you have complete flexibility to change companies or ISPs.
  4. Cost just to register a domain name is $70; additionally, you must provide primary and secondary DNS ($30-$60 per month through an ISP).
  5. To check if a name is available to be used as a domain, go to the InterNIC site and click on "Registration Services."
  6. Include your email address and web address on all your marketing materials - the goal is to drive people to your web site and to make email communication with you easy; using your name as domain means people can memorize your url/email address rapidly.
Gems of Wisdom for Getting Started in Cyberspace

  1. Before you give out your email address, be sure it will never change by getting a domain or by subscribing to a mail forwarding service, such as RealTown; Real Estate Cyberspace Society is setting one up.
  2. Get online and establish an email presence by joining and participating in mail lists such as RealTalk and the Society ListServer.
  3. Expect difficulties (frustration gaps) and be patient; the Internet is still in its early stages, and there is a necessary learning curve. Internet Crusade's Internet Marketing Kit (reg. $499) is offered to Society members at only $399 (a 20% discount). Find complete information by going to the Gold Vendor program in the "Members-only" section of
Contact Information for Saul Klein:

(v) 619-283-7302
(f) 619-283-7343

Real Estate Sites & Tools in this Briefing:

Real Estate database manager:
Top Producer

Leading browsers:
Microsoft Internet Explorer; Netscape Navigator

Leading email clients:
Exchange (built into Microsoft Explorer), Communicator (built into Netscape Navigator); Qualcomm's Eudora (stand-alone)

Combination email/personal information managers:
Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express; Symantec's ACT!.

Domain search & registration:; click on "Registration Services"

Mail-forwarding service: (coming soon)

Real Estate Mail Lists: