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"How To Create A Major Impact In Your Market Area!"

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2/2/06 Interview with Scott Hoen

Fidelity National Real Estate Solutions
2510 Red Hill Ave.
Santa Ana, CA 92705

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Introduction to Fidelity National Real Estate Solutions

  1. Fidelity offers a number of products to support real estate professionals-i.e., agents, brokers and lenders.
  2. Hoen has responsibility for the MLS marketplace, back-office products and broker-agent solutions (lead generation, lead management and transaction management tools).
  3. With a wide range of tech products available, industry professionals are being more discriminating about what they spend money on; they are picking solutions that they will really use and that will work well together; Fidelity specializes in providing integrated systems
How to Use Technology to Impact Your Business

  1. The most basic of tech tools is a contact management program; agents should use this kind of tool to manage their relationships with clients.
  2. Work to capture data beyond just name and address and use the information to stay in touch with the consumers who come to your web site or whom you encounter through other venues.
  3. Recognize that many contacts are not immediate buyers or sellers but have to be cultivated for a period of months; maximize your use of the tools available to incubate your leads.
  4. Record personal information (children, pets, special dates) that could personalize later contacts; use the detail about people to schedule communications with them into your contact management program-e.g., an email or phone call to say "Congratulations" or "Happy Birthday."
  5. Real estate-related contact management programs that Hoen recommends include Top Producer (a strong web-based solution) and Agent Office (a strong desktop solution); more generic programs like Outlook also work-the most important thing is to be using something.
Driving Traffic to Your Web Site

  1. Your web site needs to be more than an online advertisement or a billboard; traffic is attracted to good content.
  2. Consumers are interested in finding listings, property value information and community information, so fortify your site with content that meets those defined needs; your personal information can be disseminated to people later.
  3. Some good home evaluation tools to consider using are, and Fidelity's; the latter can be plugged into your own site to deliver comparable sales to visitors immediately by return email-you get the lead to follow up.
  4. Every agent should look into services that sell placement; pay-per-click for local market terms may be more cost-effective than you imagine; Hoen recommends checking, and
  5. A pay-per-click strategy allows you to work within a budget, but you should evaluate your actual return-on-investment when you try it.
Characteristics of Top Producing Agents

  1. The top 20% of agents, who do 80% of the real estate business, tend to have a strong referral base, the sales skills to work with consumers and the knowledge of real estate to negotiate a great deal.
  2. To be competitive even with top agents, you need to be aware of technology developments and be proficient in using some key tools; consumers may think they know what tools will work best for marketing their property, so an agent must be able to demonstrate the ability to do a better job.
Savvy Tech Tools

  1. gives a 10-year price trend history based on a specific address; it can be incorporated into your own site-for an example, see "Find Comparable Sales" at
  2. allows you to display IDX listings and loan programs for particular listings on your web site; tools like this help to keep the consumer on your site; MLSs are starting to deploy RatePlug as a resource for agents.
Products from Fidelity

  1. Transaction Point is an affordable transaction management system for individual agents to use for ordering services and streamlining the transaction flow; agents can allow consumers to log onto their own transactions. .
  2. Broker Office Suite is a solution for agents or brokers; Management Center is its backend tool for working leads.
  3. Automated comparable sales systems enable agents to send monthly email notices to their contacts about recent sales.
  4. Fidelity's home valuation systems (NeighborhoodHomeSales and are also among its top products for agents.
  5. Use of the tools is open to agents and consumers without being clients of Fidelity for title services.
Benefits for Brokers

  1. A benefit of Management Center for brokers is that they can control how leads are disseminated among staff and associate vendors so that consumers receive service in the timeliest fashion.
  2. RatePlug is a tool to increase the conversion rate of a broker's in-house lender by linking the lender's loan programs directly to IDX listings; the broker can opt to work with several brokers via this tool.
  3. Fidelity is an excellent resource for brokers who know real estate but may not know technology; the company's Enterprise Solutions are helping brokerage operations identify and meet their technology needs.
  4. Fidelity's Fortune 500 status gives the company excellent purchasing power for computer equipment, telecommunications tools, copiers, network connections, etc.; beyond Internet tools, Fidelity can provide hardware at reduced cost.
Cutting-Edge Services

  1. Fidelity is working on voice technology to implement with its transaction systems that will facilitate quick responses to email messages.
  2. Aerial imagery is the wave of the future, and Fidelity is already connecting it to its MLS listings and Broker Office products; being able to view properties online is a valuable time-saving screening technique.
Favorite Web Sites

  1. Stay abreast of industry developments at great sites such as, and
  2. Tops for Internet keyword placement services are Google, Yahoo and overture.
Vision of the Future

  • Technology support for the real estate industry will get cheaper, better and faster over the next two or three years; vendors are beginning to work together and to integrate what they offer real estate professionals.
  • More consumers are relying on the Internet, and real estate pros need to take full advantage of the traffic online to work toward building long-term customer relationships.
  • Contact Information for Scott Hoen:

    (v) 949.477.3772
    (f) 714.464.4680

    Real Estate Sites & Tools in this Briefing:

    Fidelity National Real Estate Solutions:
    Contact management solutions: Top Producer, Agent Office, Outlook
    Home evaluation tools:;; Fidelity's
    Placement services: or see example at (click on "Find Comparable Sales")
    Fidelity products: Transaction Point; Broker Office Suite (Management Center)
    Sites for staying informed: