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"Internet Impact on the Relocation Industry"

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2/4/00 Interview with Scott Taylor
15400 NW Greenbrier Parkway Suite A450
Beaverton, OR 97006

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Introduction to

  1. VirtualRelocation is a research center for people moving and for real estate professionals; it links to information and services for every aspect of relocating, from job search and community research to the real estate transaction, moving logistics and getting settled.
  2. One interesting feature is the ability to compare locations on such factors as cost of living, real estate prices, quality of life, economics and more; the comparison feature also recommends sites for further information on the choices being compared.
  3. VirtualRelocation is a great venue for Realtors and related professionals, who can list their own sites on it for free and gain access to prospects who are really directed to their type of service in their geographical area.
  4. Professionals can select the specialties and the towns under which they wish to be listed in the VirtualRelocation directory-no limit on how many; basic listings are free, but there is a charge for banner advertising and enhanced listings.
  5. Realtors can also use VirtualRelocation as a convenient source of information that they can send to their own clients.
Stress Relief for Relocation

  1. Moving is ranked as one of the major life stresses, but VirtualRelocation offers relief; people can feel like part of a new community by accessing real data and by taking a virtual city tour-an extension of 360 degree home tours.
  2. A relocation therapist available on the site responds to questions submitted by people concerned over psychological aspects of a move.
Internet Impact on the Relocation Industry

  1. The main influence will be as a venue for marketing wares and services-people will be able to access a wide range of realistic choices on their own, so some professionals will be cut out of deals.
  2. Savvy professionals will link themselves into the Internet marketplace rather than fight the inevitable change in how the real estate business is done-people go to the Internet for information; the Internet should be another business tool for you.
  3. Relocation companies, especially, need to provide clients with the breadth and quality of information that VirtualRelocation offers; if they don't, they will lose business.
  4. Technology serves an important purpose in educating people-clients come to real estate professionals better informed than ever; VirtualRelocation aims to give people a greater sense of control over the moving process.
  5. However, contact with an agent provides an important personal component in the real estate transaction; VirtualRelocation never expects to replace agents, but Realtors will need to focus more on customer service.
Advice on Using VirtualRelocation Professionally

  1. Get additional exposure by listing yourself on the site for free.
  2. Gather information from the site to educate your own prospects-make yourself look good.
  3. Extend the content of your own web site by incorporating VirtualRelocation by hyperlink for free (with permission); if you drive enough traffic, VirtualRelocation will build you a custom portal at no charge-or for a small licensing fee if your traffic is light.
  4. The Internet enables small real estate players to compete with much larger ones; access to the quality and quantity of information on VirtualRelocation is a competitive edge.
Email for Real Estate Professionals

  1. Email is one of the best business communication tools available; it is equivalent in importance to facsimiles and voice mail.
  2. Advantages include the fact that it is free and immediate, and it lends itself to being creative; unsolicited email can be a powerful marketing tool, but messages should be creative, respectful and informative-make them purposeful.
  3. Email now lends itself to sending postcards, voice packets and pictures; PictureWorks is a source for multimedia messages.
Favorite Web Sites

  1. For information about who's online:;
  2. for general information;, for real estate information.
  3. Competition for VirtualRelocation includes anyone online vying for advertising dollars, e.g., and; no other relocation sites are as broadly focused on the consumer.
Preparing for Industry Change

  1. Embrace the technology of the Internet, but stay focused on your real estate business; use technology to the extent that it can be a catalyst.
  2. Take advantage of the Internet as another venue for marketing your goods and services inexpensively; you need to be online in order to gain Internet business.
  3. Put your best foot forward if you go online; be sure that your web presence projects a professional image; have a plan.
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