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"Competitive Marketing On the Web"

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2/21/97 Interview with T.J. Anderson

Internet Media Works!
4404 Hyridge Dr.
Austin, TX 78759

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How to Establish an Effective Site

  1. Put your objectives down on paper and identify why someone would want to come to your site: for real estate sites, customers are buyers and sellers already on the Internet who want lots of information as fast as possible.
  2. Allow a designer to become familiar with what you want in a Web site and with your specialties and target market; get-acquainted telephone interviews work well.
  3. Provide the designer with your corporate brochure and logo, or let the designer develop a logo for Internet use; expect the designer to help you integrate current marketing strategies with Internet marketing.
  4. View the site as an online brochure and keep pages to an 8.5" X 11" format so that parts can be printed and sent to clients or printed out by clients directly - eliminating the need to stock printed material.
Making Your Page Easy to Find

  1. A good, one-stop starting point to get listed with search engines is Submit-It, which connects with about 15, including Lycos, Yahoo, Web Crawler; check the specific directions for each search engine because each processes and indexes information differently.
  2. Many small sites that list themselves as search engines may be good places to list your page; for a fee ($150 or $500), Postmaster will list your page on a number of these - but with no guarantee of the listings.
  3. A designer should guarantee that your page will come up on at least 10 search engines; registration can be an on-going process.
  4. Using a metatag - an unseen, embedded html tag that lists your key words or identifying descriptive text - in the first page of your home page is an effective but little-known way to link with search engines; the technique is new in the last year and should be added to older Web pages.
Maximizing the Success of Your Page

  1. Recognize that promotion is the most critical factor for a site's success - market your Web page as seriously as a property.
  2. Use free-link pages on similar sites; good examples for commercial real estate are Peckham's Real Estate Investments Online, and the CCIM site.
  3. The CCIM site is not limited to members; open categories include commercial real estate, residential real estate, government sites, finance sites, software sites, etc.
  4. Advertising that you have a free-link page on your site is an effective way to generate traffic for yourself; Peckham also includes a Guestbook at his site where visitors can leave messages.
Networking on the Internet

  1. Networking via the Net is one of the primary benefits; Peckham sends "thank you" messages to users of his Guestbook and free-link page to request a reciprocal link.
  2. Join list servers or broadcast email lists; recommended are Ted Kraus' list servers and the private CCIM's - the Florida chapter is promoting a broadcast email list open to all FL commercial real estate brokers.
  3. Move beyond the World Wide Web to promote your site via the Internet; e.g., use news groups such as those on USENET, which are free, easy and open to anyone.
Anderson's Page Designs

  1. The Commercial Real Estate Exchange (COMMREX) International page - owned by Anderson - is a public-access, fee-based listing service modeled after the excellent CCIM Net page, which is for CCIMs only; both share the unique feature of an interactive "Needs" posting, a great source of business contacts for brokers.
  2. A page owned by FL CCIM is now under construction for Florida COMMREX; memberships will be sold to other commercial real estate groups and associations in FL who want to post listings and/or home pages.
  3. Similar plans are underway for Rocky Mountain states, probably encompassing Colorado, Wyoming and Utah as a joint effort; owned by the CCIM chapter, it is likely to be public.
Integrating Resources

  1. COMREX will open up much more interaction among the various designations of commercial real estate professionals and the public.
  2. Effective selling of commercial and investment property in cyberspace requires a marketing plan that should draw on all Internet avenues; e.g. use the FL COMREX page and CCIM Net, plus various email list servers.
  3. CCIM Net also offers 10-12 active forums through which the public can post properties under various categories and participate in general discussions on commercial real estate.
Prime Factors for Successful Marketing on the Web

  1. Know your target market and provide them with information of value to them; provide lots of current content, keeping your home page updated regularly - possibly every day, though quarterly may be sufficient.
  2. Make your site interactive; at least get visitors to complete a simple form identifying what they are looking for.
  3. Link yourself to every search engine and link-page you can find and participate in every news group you can; key news groups are Net Happenings and www.announce.
How to Keep Up with Technological Change

  1. Subscribe to Netscape's "In-Box Direct" (click on the mailbox on Netscape's home page) to receive daily email communications on selected topics; also subscribe free to CNET by email or go to the Web site.
  2. Join news groups and list servers that are Real Estate related: for a list of email discussion groups, use; to search news group traffic by topic, use
  3. Internet advances will transform the Real Estate industry by the year 2000; work groups already work together instantaneously from offices all over the world as Internet connections create a global community.
  4. More important than a Web page, email is critical for instantaneous communication right now; other technological possibilities include online conferencing with mutual editing of documents and visual and voice contact via computer.
Real Estate Sites & Tools in this Briefing:

Ted Kraus' list servers
COMMREX International page
Florida COMMREX page
Ten31 Marketplace
Net Happenings newsgroup
WWW.announce newsgroup
Netscape home page for In Box Direct