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"Getting Results in an e-Crazy World!"

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6/3/05 Interview with Verl Workman

Pinnacle Quest
1532 Charter Oaks Circle
Sandy, UT 84093

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The Focus of Pinnacle Quest

  1. The company helps agents to use the technology they already own and looks for the latest and greatest technology that actually works
  2. Pinnacle Quest (PQ) has its coaching clients and testing agents use products/services to find weaknesses and discover how successful the support system is; PQ then brings successful discoveries to the attention of the real estate industry.
  3. The PQ coaching program takes agents through ten one-hour sessions, each on a different technology topic.
Defining a Web Strategy
  1. Having a web site is like having a star in a galaxy; having a web strategy points a telescope at your star.
  2. A web strategy involves specific things to drive visitors to the site, engage them and capture them as clients; automated systems follow up with consumers until they are ready to do business.
  3. The most effective web strategy being used currently is stealth website marketing, which understands the concept that consumers do not care about the agent; instead of featuring a photo, profile and testimonials about the agent, stealth website marketing has the agent fly under the radar.
  4. The key to successful web marketing is to give consumers what they want in exchange for at least a name and email address.
  5. Whatever the visitor requests property listings, free reports for buyers or sellers there should be an automated drip system that follows up; one of the best is available from
The Combination of What Works
  1. Workman finds that a combination of techniques, not any one thing, is what brings success.
  2. Effective off-line marketing campaigns use advertising to direct business to agents' web sites.
  3. Pay-per-click is a promising element agents bid on key words for the right to be high on the search results list but a lot of money can be wasted using it; agents need to have a system to track where traffic is coming from and a site that will capture clients.
  4. Don't rely on "wish marketing" using a site with inadequate information exchange so that success depends on the visitor's whim to follow up in contacting the agent; instead place opportunities for information exchange strategically around the site. An effective site will immediately engage visitors visually within seconds they will see that it has what they want; make your offerings bold and strong such as "Free Home Search, Free Evaluation of My Property Listing or Free Automatic Email of New Listings as They Hit the Market."
  5. As soon as visitors click on a link, the invitation to exchange information must come up as a gateway to the information they want.
  6. A good web strategy will cost $1000­$2000 to build plus $50­$100 per month for hosting; one transaction would more than pay the expenses, but many of his consulting and coaching clients generate 2­3 closings per month minimum from their sites.
Services to Support a Web Strategy
  1. RealProSystem can build an agent five stealth web sites [see Rob Levy from the Feb. 05 Alert]; each has its own domain name and URL, but they also are linked by a powerful back office that manages all information exchanges and launches appropriate drip campaigns; the cost is $199 for each of the sites plus $99/month one of the less expensive options.
  2. Advanced Access has a variety of programs with the ability to turn information exchanges off and on at different levels; they are less costly than RealPro and give a nice agent home page.
Using to Advantage
  1. Consumers going to often search only properties with virtual tours; they get 8­20 times more hits than conventional listings; the lesson is that no property should be listed without a virtual tour.
  2. offers a way to leverage hits; Obeo sends professional photographers to shoot your listings and puts the photos in an engine that markets them all over the Internet; one choice is to submit the virtual tour to the Gallery.
Virtual Tour Resources
  1. The cost for the Obeo video service is $100­$149, depending on the cost of photography in your part of the country.
  2. Another vendor that has attracted considerable positive attention is, which creates virtual tours at lower cost $125/year for an unlimited number of tours; Society members are eligible for a three-month free trial.
  3. Workman begins working with clients in his office, reviewing MLS listings and showing virtual tours on a big screen; clients tend to pass up listings without tours; the preview process focuses their interest and saves time driving around; consumers definitely care about visual content.
Email for High-Touch
  1. Technology allows agents to become more efficient in increasing touches with clients; by building systems first and assistance second, agents can have a scalable business of whatever size they wish.
  2. The definition of a touch is the agent reaching out to give the contact something of value; an automated system makes that happen without the agent being physically involved.
  3. More and more consumers are identifying email as their preferred method of communication, so email systems are the key to increasing touches with clients.
The Best Tech Tools for Agents Today
  1. The first important tool is a notebook computer (or laptop) agents should always have it along when they are with clients; tablet computers are good if they have a good screen and good warranty.
  2. A real-estate-specific contact manager is vital for managing properties and transactions as well as people; Workman recommends only Agent Office and Top Producer; add-on products often do not work satisfactorily.
  3. A good digital camera is handy, but it is advisable to use professionals for presenting properties online; do-it-yourself tour programs look inferior.
  4. Other productive tools are a paperless listing presentation, a wireless Internet card to be online while with your clients and either a Sprint Treo or BlackBerry to consolidate cell phone and email capability.
  5. offers discounts on cell phone and wireless services to people with a real estate license.
Strategy for Learning
  1. Workman advises agents to learn one new thing every day.
  2. Seek help from people who understand BOTH technology and real estate; coaching is superior to training.
Contact Information for Verl Workman:

(v) 801-733-4373
(f) 775-254-2424

Real Estate Sites and Tools in This Briefing:

Pinnacle Quest:
Advanced Access:
Real Estate Shows:
Contact managers for agents: Agent Office; Top Producer
Consolidation tools: Sprint Treo; BlackBerry