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"Breaking Barriers with Your iPhone!"

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4/2/10 Interview with Wallace Wang

3321 28th Street
San Diego, CA 92104

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iPhone Benefits

  1. Wallace addresses the iPhone, his area of expertise, but similar apps may be available for other smart phones, such as the Google Android and Palm Pre; the main advantage to using the iPhone is Apple's apps store with its vast library of apps touching on almost every area of endeavor; apps for other smart phones are more limited.
  2. An iPhone is a status symbol not matched by other products; it enhances your professional and technical credibility.
iPhone Features for Real Estate Agents

  1. The Maps program is useful for real estate professionals; typing in something like "gas stations" brings up a screen showing those that are nearby; the program can provide immediate answers for many buyer questions about an area.
  2. A Zillow app shows house values via GPS as you drive along a street; be cautioned that Zillow values are a guideline and not absolute, especially under the duress of down-market conditions.
  3. Cheap Gas, a free app, is a tool to locate good fuel prices.
  4. AroundMe, also free, consolidates multiple map searches into one results screen.
Protection Features

  1. Like many cell phones, iPhone allows owners to have a four-digit pass code feature to prevent unauthorized people from using the phone.
  2. MobileMe is a subscription service for $99 per year that can remotely locate your cell phone by GPS; it gives you the option to wipe out data or establish a pass code remotely if your phone has been stolen.

Worthwhile Paid Apps

  1. Exam Master Real Estate 101 (99 cents) will tutor you for your real estate licensing exam.
  2. Build-a-Lot ($2.99) is an interesting game that sharpens your investing skills for flipping, renting, etc., without using real money.
  3. Home Buying Power and Property Evaluator (each $1.99) compare mortgage rates and calculate monthly payments; they allow you to compare properties.

Recommended Accessories

  1. A weakness of the iPhone is that its battery tends to run down before the end of a full-day's use; a device called the Juice Pack (put out by Mophie) extends the iPhone's working time; a combination battery and iPhone holder, it plugs into a USB port of a computer.
  2. Mophie also offers other recharging accessories such as a USB car charger.
  3. Solar Arcadia sells a carrying case with a solar panel for recharging.
  4. Plastic film to cover the iPhone screen protects it from becoming dirty or scratched.

More Apps for iPhone

  1. Amazon offers free Kindle software for iPhones (from Apple's App Store); it turns your iPhone into an e-book reader; standard Kindle readers cost a few hundred dollars.
  2. LexCycle's Stanza is another free app for reading e-books; the company offers many books (classics) for free as well as current titles for sale.

Versatility of the iPhone

  1. The thousands of apps for the iPhone expand its usefulness so that it can replace many other instruments.
  2. PeopleFlasher (99 cents) is an example; Jack Peckham and his son invented this app; it displays a typed message on the iPhone screen; the app can translate into 51 languages, so it can replace an expensive translator.
  3. The iPhone can also easily handle emailing photos and video, and it has syncing capabilities with other tech devices.

iPad vs. iPhone

  1. The iPad is a larger version of the iPhone, a good alternative for people who find the iPhone screen too small.
  2. The iPad works well to share displays with clients; Apple offers a carrying case that props up the screen for a slide-show style presentation.
  3. The iPad has a virtual keyboard large enough to do touch-typing; special versions of the iWorks programs (Pages, Numbers and Keynote) can be purchased as separate apps for the iPad for $9.99 each.
  4. The iPhone is focused on viewing information, whereas the iPad is for both viewing and creating information—the iPad is essentially a more compact replacement for a laptop.

Favorite Places on the Web

  1. The Mac Buyer's Guide lets consumers know the best time to purchase Apple products in light of the company's release of new ones.
  2. The Homeland Security Newswire not only tracks terrorist security threats but also cyber security threats such as phishing attacks, viruses, worms and hackers.
  3. Google News is a site Wang uses for its broad perspective on many topics and many sources.

Contact Information for Wallace Wang:

(v) 619-294-7426
(f) 619-294-7426

Real Estate Sites & Tools in this Briefing:

Wang's tech site:
Apple's app store:

Useful free apps: Cheap Gas;
AroundMe; Kindle for iPhone
Useful paid apps: Exam Master
Real Estate 101; Build-a-Lot
RE financial calculator apps:
Home Buying Power; Property Evaluator
Battery chargers (Juice Pack and others):

Mac Buyer's Guide:
Homeland Security Newswire:
Google News: