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"Turn Your Web Site Lead Spigot On To High!"

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12/6/02 Interview with Wynne Achatz

Real Estate One Westrick
505 West Boulevard
Marine City, MI 48039

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Generating Leads from Her Web Site

  1. The "Search for Your Dream Home" section of Achatz's web site gives her many leads; the tool connects to her regional MLS system (RealMatrix) and feeds names and contacts back to her.
  2. The Dream Home feature is accessed by visitors who click on a "heart" icon that opens a box for their name/email address/phone # (optional);completion of the box allows entry to her MLS listings.
  3. Once in the MLS section, visitors can browse or conduct a search; by clicking on listings of interest, they can get more information or click to send Achatz an email.
  4. Behind the scenes, the MLS uses the HomeSeekers CityNet product to notify Achatz of the visitor's search and sends her name and contact information; the CityNet service is complimentary through her MLS.
  5. Achatz has a fun-page with games and a Wynne's Services section on her site that also bring her email responses.
Maximizing Control of Featured Listings

  1. Achaztz.links her listings through her own web site; if they are listed elsewhere, she provides a link to bring interested parties to her for more information.
  2. Through Microsoft FrontPage, inquiries to Wynne are identified as coming from a specific property listing; Advanced Access is another program that provides a way to track leads.
  3. A listing leads generator is one of the key features to use because people want information, so this tool is successful in gathering contacts.
More Keys to Internet Marketing Success

  1. To get people to her web site, Achatz advertises her web address everywhere she can it appears in all her other advertising.
  2. One trick in her MLS postings is listing her web site for directions to a property and for a virtual tour of the property.
  3. The combination of things she does sets her up for maximum business exposure; networking (e.g. through the Society and CyberStars) is a big part of her success.
  4. Achatz finds Yahoo!RealEstate a good source of business, but she doesn't pay the $25 per listing fee to post her listings there they are referred to Yahoo! through
  5. Achatz pays $25 per property to; she can opt to have the listing posted on both HomeSeekers and Yahoo! with a click; she also can post the tour on her own or other sites and email it to clients.
  6. When Achatz first gets the finished tour, she sends it to the seller for approval before uploading it anywhere.
Managing Email

  1. Achatz filters her 1000+ email messages a day into key folders in theIN-box; she uses Microsoft Outlook and updates her virus-checker daily.
  2. To prevent losing valuable messages missed by the filters, she has eliminated the Junk folder and scans unsorted mail manually looking at full screens, she can review 500 messages in 10 minutes.
  3. Jack recommends EmailRemover for high-volume sorting at the server level, but Achatz notes that she found it incompatible with her system; incompatibility is often an issue if you use a range of real estate programs.
Real Estate Resources

  1. Achatz wrote the Michigan Edition of How to Make Your Realtor Get You the Best Deal; consumer oriented, it has won her invaluable press and serves as an impressive premium for prospects.
  2. Allen Hainge's Dominate! and Michael Russer's ePower! PRO are great resources for agents of varying experience. [Check the Society Bookstore at]
  3. The Society's CyberTools and Real Estate Blackbook CyberDisk are timesaving resources.
Favorite Sites on the Web

  1. is helpful for both sending and receiving money via the Web.
  2. is a good printing resource for flyers; they can be delivered to your clients the next day with their choice of photos a good deal clincher for listing presentations.
  3. eMailaCard is a big timesaver for mass mailings with a personal touch;Achatz uses their cards to direct a list of clients to the latest issue of Flash Points on her web site.
  4. Flash Points is a good tool for agents to send targeted items of interest to buyers or sellers; the articles can be posted on your web site.
  5. For shopping online, try
  6. Countrywide has good mortgage information.
Advances in Web Business

  1. Achatz generates about three-quarters of her business from the Web; since 1998, her production has more than doubled.
  2. The sequence is to maximize your web exposure, to get web site visitors involved in your site enough to generate a lead and finally to respond quickly with the information they want.
  3. A follow-up contact by phone with users who come to the site more than once is a nice, personal touch; offer to help or to leave them alone.
Contact Information for Wynne Achatz:

(v) 810-765-8861

Real Estate Sites & Tools in this Briefing:

Primary business site
CityNet product
Email Remover
Flash Points
Shopping online
Mortgage info