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"Wynne Achatz Interview 1998"

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Wynne Achatz Photo
4/3/98 Interview with Wynne Achatz

Real Estate One Westrick
505 West Boulevard
Marine City, MI 48039

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Her Start on the Internet

  1. Wynne became convinced at the 1995 NAR convention that she needed to be a Cyberspace leader.
  2. She set specific, timed goals: regardless of the cost, to have a computer, an Internet service provider and a web designer by January 1, 1996.
The Internet Advantage with Clients

  1. You don't need to be involved in international Real Estate or big commercial deals to make money from the Internet; Wynne works in a small town of 4,000.
  2. Show sellers how Internet capability can be harnessed for their benefit; use a simple piece of literature to show the pages of your own site, the links you've established with others and which Internet sites you'll use to carry their listings; do an MLS listing from your laptop as the client watches.
  3. The Internet can help you hit a new market; 9/10 of Wynne's Internet clients wouldn't have found her otherwise; the proportion of her business generated from the web is growing.
  4. Just one or two Internet transactions a year more than pays for total expenses of ISP, domain and web site; putting yourself where others aren't will yield bonus contacts.
Elements of a Seller-Oriented Cyber Marketing Plan

  1. To build instant credibility, utilize your digital camera and have the seller help select a photo.
  2. To impress the seller with the extra value you can provide, explain and show other sites where the seller's home will be linked, including national ones: e.g., InterCONNEX, The Realty Locator, Home Search.
  3. Using a variety of sites is impressive - a unique site that features aerial views is; one never knows when someone puts in a search what site they will bring up.
Marketing Your Own Site

  1. Link your name or your site to as many Internet locations as you can; many are free, but also consider reasonably priced options because marketing is what makes your site successful.
  2. Some sites allow links for free but charge for a bold listing or a mini-web site; sites may accept info on listings, yourself or both; contact those you're interested in for info on services and rates.
Tips for Using Email

  1. Wynne responds to top agents in her area and around the country who have contacted her about buyer interest;. she also uses her "Internet farm" (email list) of about 500 names to search for a listings match.
  2. To build your Internet farm, ask people to send their address to you by email so you are sure you have captured it correctly; whenever you add someone, ask permission to include them on your newsletter list as well - 98% agree.
  3. Wynne sends anyone with a potential interest in a listing the clickable address to the web page within her site that features that home for sale (including 4 to 6 photos).
  4. A clickable address is a hyperlink put right into the email message; use the< > signs to designate the link address because some email servers do not automatically transport it into a hyperlink without them.
  5. Email notice of her monthly newsletter goes out to all on that specialized list; the newsletter generates lots of email questions back to her and builds rapport that leads to new business.

  1. Wynne puts up her e-newsletter the first of every month and sends an email notice containing a clickable "Go To:" link to everyone in her Internet farm who wants to be on the newsletter list; each issue contains shareware and links; people on the Internet like to get stuff free
  2. She includes her photo to make each issue more personal and uses multi-media elements to build interest (Netscape 3.0 or Internet Explorer 3.0 or better are needed for sound and visual effects).
  3. Contact Wynne's web site designer e.News about having the newsletter personalized for you (about $500 per year); it can be used effectively as a WOW-factor.
Valuable Technology Tools

  1. Digital cameras are WOW factors; Wynne uses a Kodak DC50 and a Ricoh 800 with an LCD screen; every agent should also have a scanner.
  2. Wynne's new alpha-numeric pager through PageNet is accessible right from the front page of her web site by clicking the "Page Wynne" button.
  3. Wynne prefers to do minimal management of her web page; because she has her own domain she can utilize a variety of web page support services; Microsoft FrontPage is useful for posting notice that she is traveling.
  4. Taking advantage of technology upgrades the service you can provide to your clients.
Resicom FREE Property Reports for Real Estate Cyberspace Society members for 30 days compliments of Wynne.

Go to Click on 'Residential Professionals'. Click on 'Account Services'. Click on 'Establish Account'. Enter FTP Code: wea110. ENJOY!!

Contact Information for Wynne Achatz:

(v) 810-765-8861

Real Estate Sites & Tools in this Briefing:

The Realty Locator
Home Search USA
e.News for Realtors
Digital cameras (Kodak DC50; Ricoh 800)
Alan Hainge