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"Social Network Your Way to Success!"

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Zahara Mossman Photo
10/2/09 Interview with Zahara Mossman

Zahara Properties, LLC
960 Arthur Godfrey Road, Suite 402
Miami Beach, FL 33140

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Marketing with Social Media

  1. Social media sites are an effective direct marketing tool because they can deliver a marketing message directly to consumers and allow agents to reach millions of people they could not reach before.
  2. Instead of paying for mailing lists and sending postcards, the process now is all digital and mostly free—plus eco-friendly as a bonus.
  3. Mossman finds her use of several social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter, to be lucrative for her business; for example, she established a working relationship with an eco-green developer in California that builds in Costa Rica, where she now lives.
Benefits of Technology

  1. As long as she has a laptop to serve as her virtual office, Mossman has the freedom to work from anywhere; she moved to Costa Rica because her real estate business there has grown so much, but she also has a Florida office.
  2. The iPhone is another advance in liberating business people from offices; it is possible to go almost anyplace for an extended time and still conduct business with a small, handheld device.
Best Social Media Sites

  1. For real estate purposes, Facebook and Twitter are the most effective social media sites at this time.
  2. On Facebook, Mossman has a personal page and a fan page—one must have a regular page before creating a fan page; the advantage of the fan page is that it gets picked up first by the search engine bots, and it connects directly to her web sites and listings.
  3. The fan page is a place where she can put all of her information and links, aggregating her Internet marketing of real estate and everything that has ever been written about her; it saves time and energy for getting everything in one place.
Regular Page vs. Fan Page

  1. Mossman updates her fan page regularly, just as she posts a status of her regular page; the fan page is a convenient place for people to learn about her; within the first three months, she acquired 180 fans.
  2. Mossman keeps her "friend" page private—only those she invites can become a friend; that restriction leaves her free to address any topic, including personal information; the fan page is devoted to business.
Making Use of Twitter

  1. On the Facebook fan page, she posts the hyperlink to her Twitter page to direct people there and build her "followers" on Twitter; fans and followers are different terms for the same thing on the two sites.
  2. Twitter, a micro-blogging site limited to messages of 140 characters, is a short way to post a status; it is appropriate for a direct message, such as giving a link to a listing.
  3. Three resources for shortening very long urls are, and; they even allow a personalized, vanity url; a link of 100 characters might be shortened to 6 to 10 characters.
  4. People in business should consider having more than one Twitter account; Mossman has over ten that direct people to her web site.
Targeting a Market

  1. Facebook and < Twitter; both aggregate well and are easy to use; it is possible to reach an exact market on them.
  2. On Facebook, Mossman promotes her fan page for a minimal fee; she sets a limit of $1.50 a day; an end date can be set for the ad.
  3. The form for creating the ad gives the demographics of the people who can be reached and allows specific targets to be set—for example, age range, language(s) or geographic location.
  4. The ad appears on the Facebook page (to the right of the screen) of every user within the demographics chosen; placing an ad is an effective way to build your fan base and to find clients.

  1. This business-oriented social media site is another tool for making money; Mossman has been contacted by people who want to post listings on her web site.
  2. LinkedIn allows users to post references from people they have worked with; the references link back to the people who wrote them, giving the comments credibility; such references are powerful for attracting new business opportunities.
Caveat for Social Media

Anything posted on a social media site becomes the property of the site—the posting person loses rights over it.

Favorite Sites for Research

  1. Marcus Zillman's is very informational.
  2. provides good Internet marketing news.
  3. Search engines are good for most any search for information.
  4. covers what is happening on the Internet.
Time Management

  1. Time can be wasted on social media sites if they are not approached with discipline; to optimize her time, Mossman uses social media specifically to reach her target audience.
  2. She limits the time she spends on social media sites each day.
Contact Information for Zahara Mossman:

(v) 305 675-1779
(f) 305-534-4262

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