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"Use a Blog To Build Your Business"

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Zahara Mossman Photo
12/2/05 Interview with Zahara Mossman

Zahara Properties, LLC
960 Arthur Godfrey Road, Suite 402
Miami Beach, FL 33140

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Podcasting for Real Estate Practitioners

  1. The term is derived from iPod (the Apple MP3 listening device), and broadcast, a podcast is a broadcast over the Internet; one can use any MP3 player or listening device to listen to a podcast.
  2. Agents should become as familiar as possible with this new medium because it will become essential.
  3. By using podcasts to describe listings, Mossman has created a new tool for the industry; is generating considerable interest.
  4. Podcasts can also be used to talk about real estate and related topics.
Marketing Application

  1. Agents who want to use podcasts to promote themselves and their listings need nothing more than a cell phone; podcasts can be done from a computer,from a land line or from a mobile phone.
  2. The audience is people who appreciate technology and have listening devices; they download podcast listing information onto their devices.
Practicalities of Using Podcasts

  1. allows consumers to enter parameters for searches just like any real estate search engine; the service automatically sends listings that fit the parameters every time consumers push their synch buttons.
  2. Synching or synchronizing means connecting to the site to retrieve information; the transfer of information from the site to listening devices occurs automatically by way of RSS (real simple syndication) feeds.
  3. Agents can create listings at to be pushed out to customers when there is a match, or they can create their own sound files to make available on their own web sites.
  4. The actual podcast technology is free, but it requires some degree of technical expertise to figure it out, hiring a virtual assistant or another techie to do it for you is always an option.
  5. is a site where people can set up their information fora fee; other companies also offer assistance with creating podcasts,including and, but is the first site to offer real-estate related podcast service.
  6. PodcastRealty is free to agents; clients contact the listing agents directly, PodcastRealty gets no legal or referral fees for transactions.
  7. For background on podcasting, do a Google search for "how to podcast" for information on using PodcastRealty, send an inquiry to, you'll get back detailed instructions.
  8. Users of the service call the PodcastRealty bot (robot) from a land line or cell phone to do the actual listing description and just follow the voice prompts; each podcast should be no longer than 60­90 seconds, so being concise and precise is important.
Marketing Advantages of Podcasts

  1. The top advantage of podcasting and blogging is that these files get picked up first by search engines before regular web sites.
  2. Mossman uses podcasts to drive traffic to her primary web site,; this is an example of push-marketing (bringing people to your site), in contrast to passive marketing (waiting for people to come to your site).
  3. Podcasts can also be embedded in emails; private podcasts are an excellent way to work with clients out of town, even out of the country; Mossman checks out properties for long-distance buyers and emails them a descriptive report by podcast along with digital photos.
Transaction Flow

  1. A listing for a house that Mossman recently put on generated three contracts within 72 hours; the first contract was accepted within seven days; the buyer did not even see the property; turnaround is quick because the Internet is global.
  2. Mossman posted the house conventionally on the MLS and then created the sound file to be posted on; creates areal estate category on generic podcast engines (such as and and submits the listing to them.
  3. The sound file was sent automatically to consumers whose criteria were met by the listing; customers received the sound file the next time they synched with one of the web sites.
  4. Mossman is first a computer geek and secondly an agent; since being licensed in Dec. 2004, she has sold $11 million+ worth of real estate, 75% from the Internet.
Who Can Use Podcasting

  1. Every agent already has the ability to use podcasting, but it will not work for people who are close-minded about embracing new technology.
  2. Podcasting is cutting-edge but on the verge of taking hold widely; within a year, the technique will be considered usual.
Contact Information for Zahara Mossman:

(v) 305 675-1779
(f) 305-534-4262

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