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Albert Clark Photo Albert Clark
HomeActions, Building Relationship Capital With Email

"Building Relationship Capital With Email"

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Interview Summary:

You will learn how to magnify sales using subscription-based relationship tools. These "Stay In Touch" programs allow Real Estate Professionals to enroll their entire sphere of influence into their branded program that gets delivered and more importantly, read. By connecting newsletters to a web base portal and social networking on the web these systems afford the professional with data mining and performance metrics.

"Big Advantage Urgency Marketing!"

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Interview Summary:

RealPING founder Al Clark takes note of three trends in the real estate industry that are intertwined—a growing necessity to control costs, consolidation of brokerages, and broader use of technology. “With today’s advances in technology, agents don’t have to be behind a desk…. They’re out in the car, out doing chores, out generating new business,” he says. Clark describes a new model for brokers and gives an example of a company that is already applying it. A common problem faced by brokers and agents is a failure to get to leads fast enough. Competition in the current marketplace is stiffer than ever, but Clark cites technology as the solution for getting critical information to potential clients first. He uses the term "urgency marketing" to describe his methods. The click-to-talk services provided by realPING are a key component. Clark offers them at a substantial discount to listeners who are Society members. He outlines how realPING, including its unique Page Push feature, can benefit agents. Clark also issues a challenge to brokers and agents to change their attitude about working time in a way that could greatly expand their business opportunities.

"Codling Consumers Is Good for Business!"

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"Lock In Your Market Loyalty"

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Albert Clark is a seasoned marketing executive and homeowner advocate who has been at the ground floor of technology start-ups. With a background in telecommunications and computer networking, he worked first at US Sprint and then with a venture-capital-backed acquisition company while he attained his MBA in Finance from American University.

In 1990, he co-founded the United Homeowners Association, a nationwide non-profit advocacy and lobbying organization. There he built industry alliances with the National Association of REALTORS and other housing-related organizations. Clark advocated legislative and regulatory changes designed to make homeownership more attainable. Highlights of this advocacy include commendation by President Clinton for his involvement as a founding member of the President's National Homeownership Strategy.

In 1996 he joined eNeighborhoods, where he last served as Director of National Sales. In September 2002, Clark founded a online advocacy service called My Homeowners Club. In 2006 he founded realPING Click To Talk NOW and currently is head of Business Development. In early 2009 he launched another e-relationship service called Home Actions which will evolve into a nationwide social platform for homeowners. He is currently consulting within the REO industry and is getting set to enter the Social Applications niche, empowering small business adoption of social platforms.

Contact Information:

Albert Clark
Building Relationship Capital With Email, HomeActions
1005 grandview st
Scranton, PA 18509
(v) 5705103507

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