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Becky Swann Photo Becky Swann

"The Globalization of Real Estate"

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"Great Web Sites and Tools"

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Becky Swann, queen of IREDland, is the source for the seven virtues of real estate sites and lotsof other tips and tricks. Becky Swann is the Chief Executive Officer of IRED.COM as well as themajority stockholder. Her broad range of skills and experiences and her innovative approachtoward problem solving are applied at the detail level. She even creates HTML code for IRED'sweb pages. Becky's editing skills and forthright opinion set the standard for the IRED reviews. Her love for communicating with others finds expression in responses to hundreds of email notesshe receives daily, in interviews she has with reporters from all levels of publications from localnewspapers to national magazines, through participation as a panelist at major conferences andthrough fulfilling requests for consulting services. Becky is an innovator, a futurist, a consumeradvocate and a proud grandmother of three boys. At this point, her IRED team has achieved an important goal -- IRED is the best real estatedirectory serving its market. Becky's vision for IRED is that it should cover the world to be trulyinternational. Its base function is to assist both realtors and consumers in finding and sharing thereal estate information they need. A strong secondary function is to furnish articles andinformation that is meaningful and fresh to those that visit the IRED site. Another part ofBecky's vision is to run the company and the site in such a manner that performance with highquality is the standard. Her sensitivity to the changing world of real estate is right on target.

Contact Information:

Becky Swann
1018 Riverside Drive Suite 101
Grapevine, TX 76051
(v) 817 481 4677
(f) 817 488 3693

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