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Bill French Photo Bill French
MyST Technology Partners, Inc., Co-Founder

"Easy Blogging Techniques For a Torrent of Commissions"

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Interview Summary:

Real estate technology pioneer Bill French informs attendees on social media, social media search and their importance to real estate today. “The Web has continually morphed itself to provide us with new and interesting ways to communicate with prospects and customers and the public at large,” he says. The trend for agents is to focus on greater conversation on the Web—and that is what social media are all about. Using social networking sites and blogs to expand one’s web presence is important, but French cautions that unless agents are visible on these popular sites, they will not reap the potential business benefit. French’s company provides large companies with solutions to integrate traditional sites and social content, but here he advises listeners how they can accomplish that goal on their own. He recommends user-friendly resources for building second-tier search capability on one’s own site, and he suggests aggregating social content in creative ways for new business opportunities.

"Secrets For Successful Blogging!"

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Bill French founded Global Technologies Corporation in 1981, a consulting, database applications and software product development firm. With a strong background in finance and accounting, Bill's success in small-business systems integration was perfect timing for the PC revolution.

In addition to authoring and co-authoring many popular award-winning development tools, including QuickSite, dBRIEF, Evolve and LapLink, Bill is currently building a new generation of personal publishing and knowledge management tools based on Web services and XML standards. Toward that end, he co-founded MyST Tehnology Partners with F. Andy Seidl in 2002.

The first product, MySmartChannels, was released by MyST in March 2003 and was quickly followed with Blogsite and MyST Enterprise RSS services. Today MyST provides corporate blogging and RSS services to hundreds of firms including Intel Corporation, VeriSign and the Real Estate CyberSpace Society.

Contact Information:

Bill French
Co-Founder, MyST Technology Partners, Inc.
155 Snowberry Way
Keystone, CO 80435
(v) 970-262-9181
(f) 970-262-1796

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