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Brad Inman Photo Brad Inman
Inman News Features, Editor

"Stay in the Center of the Real Estate Transaction"

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"Brad Inman Interview 1999"

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Brad Inman is editor of Inman News Features and a deep insider on who is doing what to andfor whom on the Real Estate Cyberspace scene. A syndicated newspaper columnist who writesabout housing policy and business issues, his column appears in 65 newspapers throughout thecountry, and his news features appear in the LA Times, Chicago Sun Times and the Washington Post. Brad has won numerous journalism awards for stories on technology, urban planning andreal estate policy issues. He is also one of the foremost Internet/Real Estate experts and he is thelargest publisher of real estate editorial content on the World Wide Web.

Inman News Features is a newspaper syndication, syndicating newspaper columns across thenation in such newspapers as the LA Times, San Francisco Examiner, Chicago Sun Times and Miami Herald. Inman News Features syndicates Diane Hymer's "Starting Out" column, LetterHerman's "Your Apartment" feature, Ron Galprin's "Mortgage Matters" column, CatherineSailent's "New Home" feature and, of course, Bradley Inman's "Trends" articles. Inman NewsFeatures, one of the largest online publishers of real estate information, owns, one of the most trafficked real estate Internet sites on the Worldwide Web. Inman News Features provides online editorial content through licensing agreements with Microsoft Network, the San Diego Union Tribune, the Gate, the Bank of America, ReMax, Coldwell Banker, LA Times and several information companies.

Contact Information:

Brad Inman
Editor, Inman News Features
5335 College Avenue
Oakland, CA 94618
(v) 800 775 4662

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