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Chuck Aikens Photo Chuck Aikens
Mortgage 101, President

"Get Your Mortgage Info On The Web!"

Listen to Briefing from 10/02/98 & Receive Handout

Chuck Aikens is the co-founder of IMark Design Group, creator of America Mortgage Online and Mortgage 101. Before establishing IMark Design Group, Chuck had gained experience in the mortgage origination and management industry. With strong marketing and sales instincts and a knack for computers, the mortgage Internet market appealed to Chuck's entrepreneurial spirit.America Mortgage Online was created in January 1996 as one of the first national online mortgage directories. AMO helps mortgage companies market their products to consumers by way of their web site. In addition to AMO, IMark has also developed or improved over 100 mortgage Internet sites with various mortgage calculators, mortgage information, secure loan applications and other mortgage tools.One of the foundations of the IMark business plan has been to bring technology to small and medium mortgage companies at an affordable price. Innovative marketing, grassroots networking and good old fashioned hard work combined with Imark's technology and pricing principles to create a successful mortgage Internet site.Through their unique Mortgage 101 Private Label Program, IMark makes its mortgage information available for Real Estate offices, Realtors, Agents and related industries to use on their own web sites.

Contact Information:

Chuck Aikens
President, Mortgage 101
9448 Brentwood Avenue
Broomfield, CO 80021
(v) 800-786-8083
(f) 303-455-4100

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