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Dave Beson Photo Dave Beson
Dave Beson Seminars, President

"Leveraging Today’s Powerful Tech Tools!"

Listen to Briefing from 07/02/10 & Receive Handout

Interview Summary:

International trainer Dave Beson focuses on ways to leverage today's powerful tech tools for big potential gains. His main message is that listeners should make the most of the technology they already have - especially for the purpose of "Pipeline Management." This key business function is one that many professionals are overlooking because they are distracted by the current challenging market environment.

The remedy is the savvy use of basic tech tools to enhance a natural talent for connecting with people. Beson offers more than a half-dozen specific suggestions for agents to make their web sites more effective. He also gives a big tip that can help agents increase profits in the next 60 days, as well as advice for achieving winning listing presentations. His list of tech favorites includes free web services for working collaboratively online and the tool he values most for video functionality. Beson presents a balanced long-term view of real estate going forward five years. His view of the present is both realistic and encouraging. "Market statistics really don't have much impact on one person," he says, "only on everybody. So, if we choose to stand out, we can still turn the market into a great opportunity."

"The Top Thirteen Tools for Tough Times"

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Interview Summary:

Tough times don't last, but tough people do. In this session Dave will help you discover thirteen tools to add results and profits to your business in face of any current economic headwinds. You will be introduced to a laser-focused activity based business plan. Additionally, you will learn six free pr tools to rev up your marketing and Internet presence. And you'll witness a listing presentation that focuses on your local market expertise and your "X FACTOR" -- the something extra you bring to each transactions. That's just three of the thirteen POWER TOOLS you'll sample in this fast-paced presentation featuring Dave Beson, the most experienced presenter in real estate.

"Three Big Myths of Real Estate Marketing"

Listen to Briefing from 06/01/07 & Receive Handout

Interview Summary:

Real estate trainer and coach Dave Beson focuses on how to improve agent productivity. Technology is at the core of his advice, but he cautions, “I see people letting technology be an impediment like a pebble in their shoe rather than a tool.” Beson provides guidelines for taking advantage of technology to achieve balance between work and the rest of life. He credits the Internet with making the real estate industry portable. Beson recommends specific tech tools and tells how to use them to harness the full power of wireless connectivity without getting trapped in a 24/7 environment. He also identifies the single most important skill for agent success, which assures getting the most benefit from every contact. Beson introduces concepts from his newest seminar on “Rebooting Your Business” and his book-in-process on proven success strategies for RE professionals.

"Keeping Up With Email"

Listen to Briefing from 06/01/01 & Receive Handout

Dave Beson entered the real estate business in 1974, where he evolved from top salesperson to training director to manager, speaker, author, and to personal business coach. Dave's speaking engagements have taken him over 4 million miles as he has presented more than 3,000 seminars in all 50 states plus Mexico, Canada, the Virgin Islands, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, England, and South Africa. His programs consistently draw standing room audiences and recently attained an excellence rating of 100%.

Dave has appeared as a featured speaker for the National Association of Realtors for the past 33 consecutive years! He is highly sought after as a leading industry expert by realtors, broker/owners, and corporations including HP where Dave is the number-one industry consultant for HP's Real Estate Division.

Dave shows easy and effective ways to profit with vision, values, and velocity. He teaches real estate professionals how to refine their vision, to work with "total integrity," and to use technology tools and systems to increase velocity in business. These skills create time and energy for practitioners to spend on family and life outside the daily buzz of real estate. This is how Dave Beson helps real estate professionals "BRING SUCCESS TO LIFE!"

Contact Information:

Dave Beson
President, Dave Beson Seminars
7200 West 78th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55439
(v) 952-947-9111
(f) 952-947-9110

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