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Doug Devitre Photo Doug Devitre
Devitre Holdings, LLC, Social Media Thought Leader

"Powering Yourself Online!"

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Interview Summary:

Doug Devitre, a self-proclaimed pioneer in social networking for real estate professionals, addresses the key factors in adopting a social media strategy for business including the issue of time. "In the very beginning of using social media, it's going to take some time to get everything set up, but once you've spent that time, it's just a matter of maintaining what you already have," he assures listeners. Devitre explains why the initial tasks are so important and offers tips for accomplishing them in a way that allows you to integrate the use of more than one social networking venue. An agent's database is at the heart of social networking success. Devitre tells how to easily transfer the right contact information into social media systems and suggests a way to improve the acceptance rate from people you invite into your network. Naming his favorite social media sites for real estate, he explains how they can have a positive impact on conducting business. As an information bonus, Devitre shares several technology tools that enhance social networking efficiency.

Doug Divitre labels himself a "social media thought leader." In 2006 he was named Business Leader of the Year of the Maryland Heights Chamber of Commerce, "Top 50 REALTORS on the Rise" by Real Estate Magazine, and voted "Best in Client Satisfaction" by St. Louis Magazine.

He created two web sites: for Young Real Estate Leaders, an online social networking group, and for bloggers from around the world to discuss international real estate trends.

He has spoken in 25 states for national and state associations of REALTORS and is a graduate of the Missouri Association of REALTORS Leadership Academy.

Contact Information:

Doug Devitre
Social Media Thought Leader , Devitre Holdings, LLC
1213 Oakleaf Drive
St. Louis, MO 63119
(v) 314-496-5973
(f) 314-754-8302

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