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Dr. H. Nathan Booth Photo Dr. H. Nathan Booth
Executive Realty, International Director

"Use Tech To Build Worldwide Referrals!"

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"Go Global On the Internet!"

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Dr. H. Nathan Booth is the International Director at Executive Realty in Fairfax, Va. Highlights of his career include numerous leadership positions with the National Association of REALTORS®. He has served as well as president of the Virginia Association of REALTORS®. Nathan was a field reporter for the nationally televised TV series Real Estate Digest and the author of numerous international and agency articles. He holds membership in many international real estate associations, including Poland, Russia, Bahamas and CEREAN.

Nathan Booth is also a certified instructor for several programs including the CCS designation program and the Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) designation.

He has broad experience in rResidential and Commercial real estate sales, real estate counseling and real estate education, and he is sought out as an international consultant. Nathan brings an astute knowledge of international cyberspace strategies to this briefing.

Contact Information:

Dr. H. Nathan Booth
International Director, Executive Realty
203 Yoakum Parkway, Suite 1812
Alexandria, VA 22304
(v) 703-461-3869
(f) 713-218-6258

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