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Dr. Mark Levine Photo Dr. Mark Levine
Burns School of Real Estate, University of Denver, Professor/Director

"Real Estate Faux Pas—Killing your Business with Cultural Boo Boos"

Listen to Briefing from 02/21/09

Interview Summary:

Most of us know and are aware of playing a sport golf, tennis, basketball, etc.and making a bad shot or performing poorly.

The problem in the global world, the world of international business, real estate or otherwise, is that we often perform poorly, by making the wrong comment, using the wrong gesture, etc. Yet, we often do not know that we have committed a blundera faux pas. And, when we lose the real estate transaction, we may not be aware that the transaction was lost, not from within a problem with the property, but from the faux pas that we never knew took place. The moral of the story: Learn what is killing your international transactionsand correct the problems and avoid the faux pas (boo boos).

"Global DealMaking with the Global Real Estate Project"

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MARK LEE LEVINE is the Director of the Burns School of Real Estate, at the University of Denver. We have a world record holder here with us today! Mark Levine has more alphabet soup available to put after his name than most editions of Webster's Dictionary. Just to cite a few: GRI, SRS, SRI, CCIM, CREA, CRS, CRB, CPM, ALC, CPA, MAI, SREA, CLU, CREDREI, CIPS and RIM. We expect that he will add RECS to this list soon. These, in addition to J.D, Ph.D. and about 25 additional certifications attest to his Real Estate and financial prowess.

Mark has long been in the forefront of Real Estate education and his numerous books (18 of them) have helped thousands of practitioners to cope with many issues such as tax deferred exchanging. He has also published over 240 articles and publications and appeared on the platform over 300 times in the United States and internationally.

Mark and his staff have made a giant contribution to real Estate professionals operating in CyberSpace with his "Global Real Estate Project," a highly usable and valuable reference tool for international Real Estate research.

Contact Information:

Dr. Mark Levine
Professor/Director, Burns School of Real Estate, University of Denver
2020 South Race St, BA 216
Denver, CO 80208
(v) 303-871-2142
(f) 303-871-2971

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