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Gregg Larson Photo Gregg Larson
Clareity Consulting, President

"Getting Listing Results On-Line"

Listen to Briefing from 10/02/98 & Receive Handout

Gregg Larson serves as President and Senior Partner of the highly respected Clareity Consulting, America's leading MLS and REI consulting firm. He brings fourteen years' invaluable experience in the MLS industry, earned during postings with REDI/Multi-List, NAR's RCS/MLS, DATOR, and most recently, as Director of New Business Development for Moore Data Management Services. Gregg has a wide range of skills and expertise gained in technical, sales management, marketing and executive positions. He is highly respected throughout the industry for his creativity in new product design and the deployment of marketing strategies. As you would expect from a professional of his caliber and integrity, Gregg has cultured a wide array of diversified contacts and personal relationships throughout the industry which continue to support his well-deserved reputation as one of the truly imaginative leaders in this arena.Gregg Larson holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology/Mathematics from Denver University, is a Candidate for Master of Science in Business at Johns Hopkins University and holds a Mini-Masters in Software Design & Development from St. Thomas University.Having delivered talks all across the United States and several outside the U.S. including Brazil and Norway, Gregg knows how to share. He came to the Society's attention when he hosted the much discussed Technology "Shoot Out" on the periphery of the National Association of Realtors' national meetings in Washington, D.C. this Spring.

Contact Information:

Gregg Larson
President, Clareity Consulting
6 Doral Road
Dellwood, MN 55110
(v) 651-407-9510
(f) 651-653-4952

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