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Jack Teems Photo Jack Teems
Neat Net Tricks, Publisher

"Exciting, Neat Net Tricks!"

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Interview Summary:

Jack Teems, the man behind the widely followed web-letter "Neat Net Tricks," offers his favorite online resources for everything from the best antivirus software to the latest navigational tools for travel. His intention is to distinguish between web tools that are truly useful and those that are a waste of time. Teem's lighthearted, straightforward advice presents listeners with many practical, easy-to-use tips that can be applied to business as well as personal situations. Nothing is more essential to both realms than his advice on basic computer security. Teems explains what is needed for the first line of computer defense and recommends the online resources to achieve it. Carrying the "protection" theme even further, he tells how to defend against identity theft and how to navigate online anonymously. Some of his most useful tips for doing real estate business involve ways to improve written communication through services that retrieve and forward regular mail and email, and that track the opening of email messages and links. Adding even more to his appeal, Teems declares, "Truthfully, I like the word FREE!" Most of his tips are not only effective but also available at no cost.

Early in 1996, Jack Teems began producing a monthly email called Neat Net Tricks to an audience that rapidly grew to 100,000 readers in more than 145 countries. The Neat Net Tricks "empire" expanded to include his web site, a forum resolving a multitude of technical questions, and a Software Review Panel to review and provide detailed reports on many programs.

Jack's light-hearted advice has been featured in Yahoo! Internet Life magazine, Steam Tunnels (a weekly periodical that reaches over 2 million readers on 130 university and college campuses), and other national, regional, and local publications. Jack has been heard on CBS radio affiliate stations, PBS radio and several Internet radio stations.

Jack emphasizes that he is not a computer guru. He fashions himself rather as a collector of tips and suggests that Neat Net Tricks' success is because the publication refrains from being deeply technical. Ever mindful of demands on readers' time, he provides each issue of his "Tricks" in short bits, easily digestible in one sitting.

Contact Information:

Jack Teems
Publisher, Neat Net Tricks
3786 Plaza de la Yerba
Sierra Vista, AZ 85650
(v) 520-803-9092

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