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Jeff Turner Photo Jeff Turner, President

"Curtains up on Real Estate Shows!"

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Interview Summary:

Jeff Turner, the web marketing innovator who is president of, sums up the significance of the social media phenomenon for real estate professionals. "The hallmark of social media is the notion that you can transform what previously in the marketing and media environment was this a dialogue," he says. He reviews a definition of "social media" and explains how the concept is a natural tool for agents to convey their knowledge and expertise and to build relationships necessary for real estate success. Turner addresses the risk of spending too much time on social networking and gives some practical tips for using social networking tools. Besides citing the advantages of having a social media strategy, he also outlines the dangers of failing to use social media in today's online world. Of course, Turner also reminds listeners of how partnership with the Real Estate CyberSpace Society-offers agents an outstanding marketing value.

"A New Virtual World for Agents!"

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Jeff Turner is president of the Internet marketing company Throughout his career, Jeff has excelled at bringing extraordinary vision, creativity and innovative solutions to challenging situations. His recognition and application of the science and creativity of communication to his organizations has been instrumental in their achieving uncommon successes. His insights and knowledge, both practical and academic, are integral to how Real Estate Shows designs and delivers breakthrough sales communication.

Jeff has over fifteen years' experience as both a successful entrepreneur and a senior executive in a large corporation. As company founder and CEO, he led his company to being named to the Inc Magazine list of the 500 fastest growing companies in America and the following year won Cisco's Growing With Technology award recognizing innovative companies networked for growth.

Previously as a senior executive and group president of a large international printing, marketing and advertising solutions and technology company, Jeff brought vision and leadership to a highly diversified corporate group and integrated the operations, the focus and the spirit of that group back into the organizational mainstream.

Contact Information:

Jeff Turner
13082 Mindanao Way No.27
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
(v) 888-580-7627

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