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Jim Droz Photo Jim Droz
Droz Corp, National Real Estate Trainer and Coach

"Handling Seller Objections"

Listen to Briefing from 02/21/09 & Receive Handout

Interview Summary:

Have you given thought to the thousands of dollars you can lose by not knowing how to respond to just one objection? A true professional knows how to ease client concerns. And, he/she knows how to encourage a buyer or seller to take action in a direction that is in the client’s best interest. Have you prepared yourself to handle the most common client concerns? In this session, you will learn how to respond to many of the objections that confront an agent on a near daily basis.

While he was actively marketing real estate, Jim Droz was the top producing agent in the world. He is presently a licensed real estate broker in California. Today, Jim is living on a cattle ranch in California. Next to spending time with his children, Jim's greatest pleasure is seeing other Realtors benefit from the knowledge he gained during his incredible real estate career.

His workshops are different from those of most real estate trainers because his expertise comes from the trenches. He has "been there and done that" like no other real estate speaker. Jim's success was not an accident, he had a plan. Jim's effective ideas, tools, and philosophies are the foundation for all of his presentations. The attendees at his sessions get "down-to-earth" techniques that they can use daily to live successful lives and to have phenomenal careers. He knows how it feels to be rejected, how it feels to fear the cold call or the door knock, how it feels to close the big escrow, how it feels to get that tough listing. Jim's passion is reflected as he presents his methods of dealing with the everyday concerns of all Realtors.

Contact Information:

Jim Droz
National Real Estate Trainer and Coach, Droz Corp
26250 Wilson Rd.
Los Molinos, CA 96055
(v) (530) 384-2679

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