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John Tuccillo Photo John Tuccillo
JTA, LLC, Business Consultant

"Top Economist Looks Ahead!"

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Interview Summary:

Top real estate economist John Tuccillo sets the stage by looking ahead for the real estate market. He evaluates the economy in general and tells how and when it is likely to affect the real estate sector for the better. Tuccillo points out that the recovery for the residential and the commercial sides will follow different patterns. He explains factors impacting real estate markets currently and projects what may happen out as far as 2012. Besides offering educated market projections, Tuccillo analyzes how technology has altered the way agents do their business from a practical standpoint. Over the last ten years, the technology tool kit of the average agent has changed dramatically. The more savvy users of real estate tech tools have gained an increasing share of their markets and correspondingly higher income. He explains why it will be even more important going forward to keep up with advances as a new way of doing business emerges. "The next challenge of technology," he emphasizes, "is learning to use social media as part of your business." Tuccillo believes that mastering this new tool is vital to building a real estate career in the future.

"The Futurist Looks at Technology!"

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"The Eight New Rules of Real Estate"

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John Tuccillo is one of the foremost real estate and housing finance economists in the United States. In his consulting practice, his experience and counsel are sought out by major real estate firms and firms from other industries interested in entering the real estate space. His presentations on the economic outlook, real estate markets and change in the real estate business are invariably witty, informative and accessible to both lay and professional audiences.

He was educated at Georgetown University and Cornell University, and holds a doctorate in economics. Dr. Tuccillo's book, The Eight New Rules of Real Estate, is a bestseller and has been instrumental in shaping the thinking of real estate industry leaders as they approach the challenge of changing their business models. He has written numerous other titles and articles. From 1987 to 1997 he was Chief Economist for the National Association of Realtors . He now runs his own consulting business, JTA, LLC, specializing in strategic and business planning.

Dr. Tuccillo's clients have included Fannie Mae, Microsoft, GMAC, Prudential Real Estate Associates, Cendant, Kaplan College Online, Windermere Real Estate and a host of other large real estate firms. He is also on the Board of Directors for and, as well as a member of the Board of Advisors for and

John Tuccillo is also a regular columnist for The Real Estate Professional.

Contact Information:

John Tuccillo
Business Consultant, JTA, LLC
PO Box 7487
Arlington, VA 22207
(v) 703-629-0770

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