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Justin Premick Photo Justin Premick
AWeber Communications, Director of Education Marketing

"Email Marketing: Why It's Relevant, And How You Can Do It Better"

Listen to Briefing from 02/21/10

Interview Summary:

According to the 2009 REALTOR Technology Report, email is the number one communication method of Realtors. It has proven to be one of the best ways to build trust over time and gain 'expert' status in the eyes of prospective clients. Unfortunately, very few realtors use the medium to its fullest advantage. This presentation will examine four simple principles that can be followed to help build your personal brand and ensure the highest return from email campaigns, along with some ideas to make your emails stand out from the pack.

In more depth, we will examine the following:
Permission: Overview of permission-based email marketing and why it brings the highest returns.
Setting and Meeting Expectations: Tips for setting expectations up front and delivering on your promises.
Content - Make Your Emails Stand Out: Stay away from cute and stick to relevant messages that appeal to your audience.
Incorporating Social Media: Email can easily integrate with other emerging forms of communication such as blogs, Facebook and Twitter. Learn how to use email to reach a broader audience than you can with RSS subscribers alone.

Well-planned and executed email broadcasts are a sure-fire way to build trust and maintain a constant flow of communication with former and prospective clients. Learn simple principles that will help you better manage your campaign effectively so when the time comes, they'll know who to call.

Justin Premick serves as the Director of Education Marketing for AWeber Communications, a leading provider of permission-based email marketing software. He directs the company's multifaceted educational efforts, teaching small businesses (including thousands of realtors) how to create profitable customer relationships through permission-based email marketing. Justin produces a variety of educational materials, including content for email newsletters and AWeber's blog, solely devoted to email marketing education. He is a frequent host of educational webinars and videos and has been featured in several small business, marketing, and realtor publications. In his free time, Justin enjoys writing, traveling and an assortment of outdoor activities and adventures.

Contact Information:

Justin Premick
Director of Education Marketing, AWeber Communications
3103 Philmont Avenue
Huntington Valley, PA 19006
(v) 215-825-2196

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