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Kevin McCarthy Photo Kevin McCarthy
Real Estate Technology Institute, Inc. ,

"Real Estate Web Marketing Strategies"

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Kevin McCarthy is a national recognized technology speaker and trainer. He is the member of the National Speakers Association and has a reputation for being able to teach technology in a layman's language. He is considered an expert in many technology areas and has been training agents since 1993 on using technology properly to automate their real estate careers. Kevin is the President and CEO of the Real Estate Technology Institute in Gilbert Arizona. Through our eti, Kevin helps real estate professionals increase their efficiency and the bottom line income through automation. His training concentrates on using the many types of technology available today. In 1993, as chairman of the automation committee for 31 area brokers, Kevin built the first completely automated real estate website that allowed agents to build their own web pages on the fly. An identical process is now being used by the National Association of Realtors, website. Kevin started his real estate career in 1984 with a national franchise. In 1991, he became a broker/owner within the same franchise system. While the industry laughed at their opening a 7,000 square foot office with only 3 agents in a down market, Kevin and partners used their systems to quickly gain respect throughout the community. When the training school opportunity approached in early 1996, Kevin sold his franchise to his partner at the same time he left the company was grossing 100,000,000 in sales and rank #16 in the nation out of more than 5,000affiliate franchise offices.

Contact Information:

Kevin McCarthy
Real Estate Technology Institute, Inc.
1509 North Pledmont Drive
Gilbert, AZ 85234
(v) 888-231-9446
(f) 602-664-9134

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