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Michael Russer Photo Michael Russer
Russer Communications, President, CEO

"Dominate Your Online Competition "

Listen to Briefing from 02/23/10

Interview Summary:

Don't miss this exciting CyberConvention live keynote as international speaker Michael J. Russer (a.k.a. Mr. Internet ) shares the secrets to eliminating over 98% of your online competition, converting far more of your online leads into transactions using simple email scripts and creating a profitable "exit strategy" for when you are ready to retire. This session will give you insights into exploding your online business in ways you never considered before!

"Transform Your Future With The Society eTEAM Program!"

Listen to Briefing from 09/03/09 & Receive Handout

Interview Summary:

"Mr. Internet" Michael Russer gives an overview of the Real Estate CyberSpace Society's new eTEAM program including details regarding the formation of these powerful teams and how this program works.

"Drip Marketing Magic"

Listen to Briefing from 02/21/09 & Receive Handout

Interview Summary:

Over 95% of online inquiries are not ready to do business, but at some time will be. This session shares the secrets of how to use targeted drip marketing to turn all those “little fish” into keepers!

"Dominate On-line"

Listen to Briefing from 12/07/07 & Receive Handout

"Mr. Internet on The Power Of Targeting!"

Listen to Briefing from 02/03/06 & Receive Handout

"Mr. Internet - Virtual Assistants - Virtually Profit!"

Listen to Briefing from 04/02/04 & Receive Handout

"Michael Russer Interview 2001"

Listen to Briefing from 02/02/01 & Receive Handout

"Michael Russer Interview 1997"

Listen to Briefing from 08/22/97 & Receive Handout

Michael J. Russer, a.k.a. Mr. Internet , is a leading international speaker, author and strategic consultant about business transformation and the Internet for the real estate industry. He is the author of the first book on virtual outsourcing for business, The Obsolete Employee: How Businesses Succeed without Employees - And Love It! In addition to being the exclusive Internet columnist for REALTOR Magazine, he was the architect of NAR's original ePRO Internet professional certification program. His most recent project is the launching of the Mr. Internet Online Dominance Training Program, the industry's first comprehensive online video training program about massively increasing online sales and using virtual assistants to take care of the details.

Contact Information:

Michael Russer
President, CEO, Russer Communications
1124 Las Olas Ave, Suite 100
Santa Barbara, CA 93109
(v) 805-882-1170
(f) 603-720-5823

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