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Mike Cutlip Photo Mike Cutlip
MA Association of REALTOR, Director of Technology Services

"Build Your Income with Social Networking!"

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Interview Summary:

Social networking expert Mike Cutlip clarifies ways that real estate pros can leverage their sphere of influence with the latest social networking tools. “These tools allow agents to post their expertise and knowledge online and allow agents to generate leads,” he says. Cutlip defines what social networking web sites are, how they are used by the general public, and how they can be incorporated into a cutting-edge real estate web strategy. Using this relatively new phenomenon to build a network of referrals and keep up with existing clients online puts agents well ahead of the curve. Cutlip names the prime social networking sites and other popular tools for connecting online. He tells how to get started on a social networking site and gives some tips and tricks for succeeding. So that listeners can learn more, he suggests several Web resources, including one for video instructions on using any particular social networking tool.

Mike Cutlip is the Director of Information Services for the Massachusetts Association of Realtors®. He has a broad knowledge of online media and understands how to mix and match a variety of technologies to effectively market both people and businesses.

Among the early graduates of the University of Texas at Austin’s Interactive Advertising Department, Mike has been on the leading edge of digital media throughout the dot-com era. Prior to unleashing his talents for the Realtor organization, Mike worked as a network technician for the city of San Antonio and website administrator for the University of Texas, Austin Co-op and Bookstore, the largest such university bookstore in the country.

Contact Information:

Mike Cutlip
Director of Technology Services, MA Association of REALTOR
256 Second Ave
Waltham, MA 02451
(v) 781-890-3700
(f) 781-890-4919

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