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Mollie Wasserman Photo Mollie Wasserman
Accredited Consultant in Real Estate LLC, Founder

"Tired of Working for Free? Then Stop Selling and Start Consulting!"

Listen to Briefing from 02/21/10

Interview Summary:

The changing role of the real estate professional along with the continued revolutionary growth in technology has made the traditional sales model that only offers a one-size-DOESN'T-fit-all package available only by commission, as outmoded as the typewriter.

In this fast-paced presentation, Mollie W. Wasserman, founder of the Accredited Consultant in Real Estate (ACRE ) Program shows how real estate professionals can avoid the commission cutting trap, eliminate competition from discount, MLS-Entry Only and FSBO companies, make additional income WITHOUT even selling or listing a house, and thrive in this economy by giving consumers what they are demanding while being paid fairly for their skills, expertise, and time.

"Stop Working for FREE! The New Real Estate Consulting Model"

Listen to Briefing from 02/21/09

Interview Summary:

Tired of being asked to cut your commission in order to get a deal? Fed up with losing business to FSBO or MLS Entry-Only Companies? Sick of working for FREE because you wasted your precious time on listings that didn’t sell and buyers that didn’t buy? Would you like to get paid for ALL of your work, not just the deals that close? Then don’t miss this dynamic session with Mollie W. Wasserman, author of “Ripping the Roof off Real Estate” and founder of The Accredited Consultant in Real Estate® ( ACRE) Course and Coaching Program.

Mollie W. Wasserman is a pioneer in the development of Real Estate Consulting. She is the founder of the Accredited Consultant in Real Estate (ACRE ) Designation Course and Coaching Program, and author of the book "Ripping the Roof Off Real Estate - How a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry Came to Have an Identity Crisis". Mollie is a real estate broker, ABR, e-PRO 500 (Select 50), iSucceed Mentor as well as one of only 200 Cyberstars. For more information about the ACRE program, visit, the premier journal of Real Estate Consulting or see the latest videos on Real Estate Consulting at

Contact Information:

Mollie Wasserman
Founder, Accredited Consultant in Real Estate LLC
23 Flanagan Dr.
Framingham, MA 01701
(v) (508) 877-1504
(f) (508) 877-1504

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