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Nancy Michaels Photo Nancy Michaels
Grow Your Business Network, President

"How to Boost Your Business with an E-Zine! "

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Interview Summary:

Nancy Michaels tells how to boost business with a client-building e-zine. Her message blends elements of the old and the new. She reminds attendees of the universal truths of marketing—what she explains as V-C-R. But she also acknowledges that technology has advanced marketing efforts and the way agents market to their client base. The tech tool she focuses on is the e-zine. “E-zines give people a visual, concrete way of thinking about what it is you can potentially do for them,” she advises agents. She suggests how an e-zine can be used for marketing to target audiences in a very cost-effective way. Drawing on her own experience with an e-zine, Michaels passes along tips to make a publication appealing to recipients and strategies for getting people signed up to receive it. She warns about not being overly technical or overly concerned about perfection. What is most important is to get something into circulation!

"Plant Your Name in Prospects Brains! "

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Nancy Michaels is a nationally known business development coach, author, speaker and consultant. Her specialty is helping her clients—both small business owners and large corporations—to land and maintain long-term client relationships through creative, innovative and strategic sales and marketing strategies that distinguish them from their competitors and increase and develop their businesses.

Nancy is the author of several popular business books including Off the Wall Marketing Ideas and Perfecting Your Pitch. She has also written articles for numerous business publications such as Entrepreneur Magazine, US News & World Report, Franchise Times, New York Post, Business Week, Fortune Small Business, Area Developer, and The Costco Connection. In addition, she is often invited to speak to business groups throughout the country.   

Nancy began her career in public relations and marketing as the publicist for Matt Lauer, current co-host of the Today Show.

Contact Information:

Nancy Michaels
President, Grow Your Business Network
60 Thoreau St., 308
Concord, MA 01742
(v) 781-860-8818

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