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Pat Zaby Photo Pat Zaby
Seminars & Systems Inc., President

"Low-Cost but High-Powered Marketing!"

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Interview Summary:

International speaker, Pat Zaby, provides an array of low-to-no-cost marketing tips that focus on resources available online. "Most agents are trying to cut expenses, Zaby explains, "but unfortunately, what they have a tendency to do sometimes is cut things that would actually drive business to them. Marketing drives business, so you can't give up on it totally." He recommends cost-effective marketing alternatives, including several tools from the National Association of REALTORS . Zaby encourages agents to use their ingenuity to create their own Customer Appreciation Program (CAP). He defines that term and offers examples of possible benefits that have perceived value but cost no money. Both the CAP program and social networking tie into Zaby's concept of "permission marketing," a sensible way to approach building relationships and staying in touch with people. According to Zaby, it is possible to make money from social networking if it is used properly and if Real Estate professionals develop adequate Web follow-up. He also shares an innovative strategy for getting postcards out electronically and suggests places to find more marketing ideas and tips on efficient business practices.

"Mastering E-Marketing!"

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"Using the Internet to Boost Productivity"

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Pat Zaby began his career in 1968 and quickly earned a bachelor's degree in real estate from the University of North Texas. His contributions to the industry through speaking, teaching, writing and development have earned him the recognition and respect as one of the industry's authorities.

He authors a widely read e-mail newsletter for real estate professionals with over 110,000 subscribers. He is a Senior CRS Instructor and has been a speaker at every National Association of REALTORS' convention since 1979 as well as numerous franchise and state conventions.

Pat successfully developed software that over ten years became one of the leading agent productivity packages with over 20,000 users. His software products and teaching now capitalize on Microsoft Office to provide agents the most powerful tools available. He is the author of the one-day CRS approved class called Marketing with Microsoft Office.

Contact Information:

Pat Zaby
President, Seminars & Systems Inc.
5023 Sea Pines Drive
Dallas, TX 75287
(v) 972-407-1337
(f) 972-407-0780

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