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Ralph Roberts Photo Ralph Roberts
Ralph R. Roberts Real Estate, President

"Prescription for High-Volume Sales Success"

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They call him the "Michael Jordan" of Real Estate; and they say that Ralph Roberts is to Residential Real Estate what the Babe was to baseball, what Johnny Carson was to late night television, and what McDonald?s has been to the fast food industry -- except they say that Ralph is better. This metro Detroit-based Realtor recently entered his second decade of sales leadership.Since he bought his first house 20 years ago at the age of 19, Ralph has consistently demonstrated an uncanny knack for "closing the deal." In 1996 alone, he closed a deal more than 600 times, selling more than 2 homes per weekday. Such prolific numbers prompted Time Magazine to recognize Ralph as "the best-selling Realtor in America." In fact, he has been the number one residential Real Estate agent in North America nine times in the past 11 years. (The other two years he finished second).Ralph is so good at what he does that Real Estate agents from around the country pay for the opportunity to "shadow" him, so they can learn about the methods Ralph has used to rise to the top. One agent, Sam Miller from Mt. Vernon, Ohio, nearly tripled his productivity (increasing from about 50 to more than 140 sales per year. Needless to say, Ralph embraced technology to leverage his ability to produce in the stratosphere in which he operates. His effective use of faxes, phones, voice mail, computers and connectivity empowered his ascent.In addition to his sales prowess, Ralph is a popular author, lecturer and motivational speaker. His first book, Walk Like A Giant, Sell Like A Madman, was recently released by HarperCollins Publishers.

Contact Information:

Ralph Roberts
President, Ralph R. Roberts Real Estate
30521 Schoenherr Road, Suite 200
Warren, MI 48093
(v) 810-558-5369
(f) 810-751-2177

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