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Richard Lombardi Photo Richard Lombardi
CCIPS Institute, President

"1031 Exchange vs Refinance or Straight Sale or Hold"

Listen to Briefing from 02/21/10

Interview Summary:

There are many presentations on how to do 1031 tax defered exchanges, but none explain when you should do an exchange. This presentation will focus on when to do an exchange versus other alternatives: refinance and buy a second property, sell and pay your taxes, continue to hold your property or do a 1031 tax deferred exchange and defer your gain into your next property. If you compare the four economic benefits of ownership (cash flow, income tax savings, loan pay down paid by tenants and appreciation) for your current position and your new position, you can easily see which is the best way to go. We will show you how to compute the current four economic benefits and compare them in an easy format to the four benefits in the various new positions.

Richard Lombardi has been active in the Investment Real Estate world for over 30 years as a Broker, syndicator, investor, educator, property manager and software developer. He is the owner of CCIPS Institute and Property by Net.
Richard has a BS in Civil Engineering and lifetime teaching credential for Real Estate, Banking and Financial Management. He has authored and taught Investment Real Estate classes for UCLA, Cal State Fullerton, California Association of Realtors, many local colleges and private companies. In addition, he has developed a number of software programs for agents to use, which assists them in acquiring listings, evaluating properties, creating presentations and obtaining loans for investment properties. (AnalyzRE Plus, 1031 AnalyzRE, AnalyzRE Tools and WAAP Calculator)

Richard has been a 10-year Board Member for the Apartment Association of Orange County (A non-profit association for apartment owners) and Past President of the Orange County Commercial Association of Realtors.

Richard has listed, sold, managed and syndicated most Investment Real Estate property types, with an emphasis on apartments. In the days of exchanges that had to close simultaneously, he even won a state award from C.A.R "Exchange Of The Year Award" for successfully completing a 12-legged exchange.

Most of his time today is spent teaching classes for CCIPS Institute, a school he founded to assist Realtors in becoming more knowledgeable and professional about small to medium size investment properties. However, he is the first to point out that the principles pertaining to investment property are the same no matter how small or large, where it is located or what type. His mission is to raise the bar of investment and commercial real estate knowledge, through education and to increase your productivity with software designed to help agents close more transactions efficiently.

Contact Information:

Richard Lombardi
President, CCIPS Institute
15 Sonrisa
Irvine, CA 92620
(v) 714-730-9403
(f) 714-730-9401

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