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Rick Edler Photo
10/3/03 Interview with Rick Edler

The Edler Group(RE/MAX)
450 Silver Spur Road
Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA 90275

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Productive Technological Tool

  1. The purchase this year of tablet PCs for Edler and his buyer's agents provided their biggest jump in productivity so far; also, the tablet PC has Wow-power that identifies them as cutting-edge with clients.
  2. The tool allows them to draw pictures and take notes that become part of clients' records and can be printed out without transcribing; the free-form capability facilitates creative thinking.
  3. Being able to have clients sign contracts on the spot that are sent by email as PDFs is a time-saver; the signed documents can be sent right back to the closing coordinator without printing.
Technological Disappointments and Goofs

  1. The Blackberry was a boon initially, but 6Ð12 months ago, the network on the Blackberry changed, making it impossible for some users to receive text messages; Edler finds the device a waste now.
  2. Edler may await an updated version of the Blackberry or switch to the Tungsten T2 or soon-to-be-released Handspring Treo 600.
  3. Effective virus protection depends on continual updating; Edler's personal mistake was not purchasing long-term subscriptions for virus updates and not making sure everyone in his office understood the importance of immediate renewal when their subscription was up, his office was hit by a virus that shut down business for two days.
  4. External back-up is critical protection against complete loss of a hard drive (likely to happen to everyone eventually); Edler recommends a USB 2.0 DVD writer, which has a high capacity; it can be moved from computer to computer and is easy to store.
Tips for Maximizing Web Site Leads

  1. Edler's web site contains a lot of information for users without registration, but it also uses strategies to capture email addresses; i.e., offers of free products and services (T-shirt, mouse pad, reports).
  2. Captured email addresses are put into eProspecting, an effective, commercial e-mail drip system ($19.95/month); this resource is Edler's favorite for farming and getting out to people who are not past clients.
  3. Subscribers to eProspecting enter a captured email address, select a campaign from 500 (such as For Sale by Owner, Just Sold, Just Listed, New Buyer, New Seller, etc.) and select frequency of messages.
  4. A drip system automatically sends information on a regular basis to keep people conscious of you so that they will remember you for service.
Using the Web for Listing Presentations

  1. Edler's entire listing presentation is on his web site and can be downloaded in PDF version; he is able to present to one party in person and simultaneously have a spouse on the phone follow along.
  2. The online feature gives Edler more flexibility to adapt the presentation to the client than using a more rigid, scripted laptop presentation.
  3. The combination phone/web presentation is effective to use with out-of-town clients.
  4. Before going to a listing presentation on a property of over $1 million, Edler locks out the URL by going to Network Solutions and registering the address; he often prepares a quick dummy site.
The (Nearly) Paperless Office

  1. Edler likes to have transactions all done by fax and PDF, saved into the server and then burned to a CD at the end; originals are kept in hard copy.
  2. His office uses WinFax and eFAX with Visioneer scanners at every person's station; the title and escrow companies send all documents on PDF.
  3. The Society's alliance with SettlementRoom conveniently provides members with a similar transaction management platform for as many as 30 transactions through SettlementRoom Express for free (a $150 value).
Data Security

  1. In addition to external precautions, locking up after hours, using computer password protection and shredding paper, further protection may be necessary, especially as a team or office grows.
  2. A destructive employee can harm files and databases; Edler recovered from an internal employee problem by reconstructing from backups, but the procedure was time-consuming and costly.
  3. Now anything to be deleted from contact management must be authorizated by him; no one else has server delete rights; everything is backed up and duplicated via a cable server to his home system on a weekly basis.
  4. If you don't protect yourself from the unexpected and protect the private information that you hold on clients, you can destroy your business.
Favorite Web Sites

  1. makes sending and tracking things easy; Edler's Goldmine is set to automatically fill out FedEx forms at a push of a button.
  2. From Ink, Inc. all kinds of customizable mailing pieces are available that attract the attention and interest of recipients; is a great site for graphics and fonts to enhance presentations and brochures.
  3. MillionaireRealEstateAgent helps to keep your focus wide; eBay is a good place to go for gadgets.
  4. If you use Sprint, the company web site is useful for checking minutes and adding services.
Contact Information for Rick Edler:

(v) 310-541-8271
(f) 310-265-8889

Real Estate Sites and Tools in This Briefing:

The Edler Group:

Blackberry alternatives:
Tungsten T2; Handspring Treo (300 or 600)

Backup tool:
USB 2.0 DVD writer


Network Solutions:

Faxing and scanning tools:
WinFax; eFax; Visioneer

Federal Express:

Ink, Inc.:

Millionaire Real Estate Agent:



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