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Rob Levy Photo Rob Levy
The Rob Levy Team, Leader

"In-the-Trenches Agent Tips!"

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Interview Summary:

Rob Levy, super agent and co-founder of Real Pro Systems, links increased agent productivity to the connectivity possible through technology. According to Levy, real estate tech tools have improved over the last three years, and effective new ones have appeared. Levy identifies the hardware advances that can give RE pros an advantage and explains the tech-based marketing strategies at the heart of his own real estate success. A pioneer in stealth marketing, he shares how he uses this clever approach to attract a high volume of buyer and seller leads from the Internet. He directs attendees to the products available from Real Pro Systems that are based on what Levy has personally found to work in the marketplace. These include a system to support stealth marketing and lead conversion as well as a new product that puts the agent's name in front of past clients and their friends and family over a sustained period of time. Looking to the future, Levy notes: "This current market is slow for a lot of people.... I really believe that adopting technology now...will let you leapfrog to the next level when the market turns around."

"The Power of Stealth Marketing!"

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Rob Levy is an active REALTOR today with his "Rob Levy Team" of five at PrudentialNorthwest Properties in Portland, Oregon. A 19-year agent with the same 900+ large firm, Rob has consistently been the #1 agent or in the top 5-10 for many years. Rob was voted "2002 REALTOR of the Year" in Portland by the top 500 of the 8,000 agents in the Portland Metropolitan Association of Realtors. Rob closed $40,000,000 worth of properties in 2007 with about $18,000,000 of that from the Internet alone.

Rob was one of the first agents in the country to use a website for real estate marketing. He was also the first eCertified Prudential real estate agent in the world. He has adapted and changed along the way to turn his web marketing ideas into an active (vs. passive) marketing systems. He is not a "nerd" he just knows where to point and click to make money selling homes.

Rob is the co-founder of Real Pro Systems, a software company that provides web-based productivity software for real estate agents. Rob is also a sought after technology speaker. He has addressed REALTOR groups including the NAR National Convention, the CRS trade show, many Prudential Real Estate Affiliates shows and several private company education events.

Contact Information:

Rob Levy
Leader, The Rob Levy Team
9600 SW Barnes Rd, Suite 100
Portland, OR 97225
(v) 503-906-1444
(f) 503-520-2203

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