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Rolf Anderson Photo Rolf Anderson
Rolf Anderson Seminars,

"Software and Hardware Evaluation for Agents"

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Rolf O. Anderson is a third generation Realtor of 20 years. He owns and operates the 80-year-old family agency in Forest City, Iowa. Rolf has been a computer user for over 16 years and a national speaker, consultant, trainer and author on the subject of computers and real estate for over 14 years.Rolf has a rare ability to take a complicated subject such as computers and make it simple and fun to learn about. His enthusiasm and knowledge of computers and real estate are enlightening and contagious. He shares what software other agents are using and what tips and tricks they offer. Rolf's new book The NEW Ultimate Deskside Guide on How to Do Anything in On-Line Agent Version 3.0! is a step-by-step, click-by-click, button-by-button guide on how to do anything in On-Line Agent.Rolf is a graduate of Iowa State University and Waldorf College. When he isn't on the road helping real estate folks to sort through technology, he hangs out in Forest City, Iowa.

Contact Information:

Rolf Anderson
Rolf Anderson Seminars
131 S. Clark St.
Forest City, IA 50436
(v) 515 582-3401
(f) 515 582-3167

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