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"What On-line TV Can Do For You!"

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Sandy Shaud Photo
2/2/07 Interview with Sandy Shaud

Real Estate Investment
14431 Ventura Blvd #351
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

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Features of Real Estate Investment TV

  1. The Society has announced its alliance with to provide members with a way to gain extended visibility; a link to this partner site is available at "25 Top Cyber Tools" on
  2. Real Estate Investment TV is a resource for people to learn about real estate and to keep up with the trends; contributors of content include some of the major real estate companies as well as individual agents; Society members can add their own data, including video, to the site.
  3. The web site is geared toward investors and anyone else who wants to learn about real estate, such as first-time buyers; content on the site provides insight on such topics as the real estate process, mortgages and other financing matters; practical caveats and checklists are included.
  4. Shaud emphasizes that buyers and sellers should use real estate agents; her site includes information about picking and working with an agent.
The Next Real Estate Marketing Medium

  1. TV is on the verge of becoming an exciting tool for the real estate industry; the technology for adding TV to a web site is very simple and has become less expensive.
  2. The tools needed are a video camera (now inexpensive), a Macintosh or a PC with editing software; the process of editing videos is not complicated, and the one-time expense is probably under $2,000.
  3. Hiring a crew and paying someone else to edit your video is more costly and unnecessary; using your own equipment allows you to update your video conveniently and at minimal additional cost.
Advantages of Video

  1. Video attracts the attention and interest of web visitors, but keep video no longer than 3-5 minutes to stay within people's attention span online.
  2. Video is timely-an appropriate tool to capture and present what is new in your area or in real estate in general; consider posting a monthly update about what is going on; be conscious also of creating "evergreen" content that does not go out of date.
  3. Video is a good way for people to learn; e.g., you can record information about the real estate process such as home inspection; what people need to know about real estate is almost endless.
  4. It is a good idea to mix up the kinds of media on your web site because people learn in different ways; video should be an important part of the mix.
How Agents Fit into the Web Site

  1. The section of Real Estate Investment TV called "Street Reports" features video contributions from agents around the country commenting on what is happening in their area; submissions can be emailed to Shaud.
  2. Written reports called "Street Smarts" are also carried from agents and investors about what they have learned; reports can be submitted by mail or email.
  3. An agent's contribution to Real Estate Investment TV can carry a link to the agent's web site and vice versa; the agent might promote his contribution by advertising that he is "featured on Real Estate Investment TV!"
  4. The investors who visit Real Estate Investment TV can be a great source of repeat business for agents who establish a relationship with them; Shaud herself invests in real estate and has used the same agent for 20 years.
Recommended Web Resources

  1. Shaud likes for personal use.
  2. Government sites (e.g., Census Bureau and Bureau of Labor) carry a lot of information that can be used with permission on agents' sites,.
  3. National City Bank puts out a great report every quarter about house values; other sites such as CB Richard Ellis will also give permission for their information to be re-published.
Easy Video Tools

  1. Members who want to get Street Reports up in easy fashion should check out; with just a simple webcam, a clip can be recorded and sent to you; the file is free for 30 days, but can be kept indefinitely for a nominal fee.
  2. has a similar service.
Looking to the Future

  1. In three years, more TV will be seen on the Web; it holds promise to be a valuable tool for real estate agents.
  2. By bringing both listings and agents to life, web video can inspire confidence in an agent's trustworthiness and help increase business.
Contact Information for Sandy Shaud:

(v) 818-262-3250
(f) 818-988-4286

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Real Estate Investment TV:
Housing reports from National City: [Click on "Housing Valuation"]
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